Pest Control – How To Deal With Cockroaches

Among all pests there are, cockroaches have to be the most annoying. They multiply so fast and take over your household when given the chance. There are two common types of roaches: German and American.

While both species are equally annoying, the German roaches carry their eggs wherever they go until they hatch on the 12th week. They keep their eggs safe and give them a higher chance of survival than the American variety. The American roach deposits its eggs in a safe and dark place until it is time for them to thatch. Once the eggs have hatched, they younglings are free to roam your kitchen.

Pest Control - How To Deal With Cockroaches


Cockroaches mature very fast. A German roach carries its eggs for six weeks after which the egg hatches to produce 30 young roaches. These roaches take only 6 weeks to mature. The American streak takes longer, as the egg hatches in 4 months and the roach takes up to 11 months to develop fully. Due to the time that it takes the American roaches to develop fully, they are not as populated as their German counterparts. They however live longer by at least 6 months.

How to get rid of them

Since they multiply fast, roaches could be quite hard to rid your house of without professional help. The ability to clean your house and be free of them is determined by among other things the variety.

  • Keep the house clean

Roaches feast on food remains. You will always find them in places where there are leftover foods. F you can help it, get rid of all the leftover to deny them food. They especially love fatty foods and sugary things. If you keep your home free of these, you could deprive them of food and see their population reduce.

  • Identify the variety

You can tell the American roaches apart by their sizes. They are bigger that the German roaches and they are capable of flying. They deposit their eggs safely in crevices and so you would have an easier time eliminating them by seeking them out of their hiding places.

  • Choose a product

If the population is too large, you may want to hire a professional to fumigate the house. This could call for you to pack up the family and go away for a few days too as the chemicals used could be too much for your family to handle. If the population is fair, you could buy chemicals and apply them in the various places that roaches would typically hide.

Identifying Hideouts

The most obvious place to find the eggs would be the crack and crevices. Roaches are creatures of darkness and most of their breeding happens in places that are devoid of light. They also thrive in warm temperatures, so you may want to look into the warmest parts of your house. Choose an effective pesticide and apply it in those areas. Most pesticides will kill both the adult roaches and the eggs. Popularly used pesticides include:

Boric Acid-When applied on the path of the roaches, they step all over it and ingest it unknowingly. It causes instant death to adult roaches. The disadvantage with boric acid is that it is hard to place in the hard-to-reach places that roaches dwell.

Cockroach traps-You only need to know where they are to set the traps. They are caught and killed in their numbers.

Cockroaches are hard to trap pests as they live in places that human beings hardly reach. The most effective way to get rid of them is by hiring a professional who has the right tools to get to dig them out of their hiding places.

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