Pet Stores in New York Encounter Huge Losses Post Hurricane Sandy’s Destruction

Reportedly, many pet shops in the New York City, have encountered huge loses of their business, post the destructive Sandy. The Salty Paw is a pet boutique, which provides day dog care and grooming. It is located in Lower Manhattan, which observed one of the hardest hits of Sandy Hurricane. Certain portions of the Lower Manhattan were down in 14 foot of water. The store reports that all amenities of the stores have to be replaced, even tile flooring. However, the store still sustained its backbone, by unplugging their computer systems, which had all data records of customers built in it. The store is waiting for assistance from its insurance provider and hoping to get back to normal modes of work within a few days. They are still handling due orders, but the quantity has been reduced.

A pet store called the 88 pet world in NJ was hurt by loss electricity and power; the store is far away from the ocean in brick in New Jersey. Though the flooded water did not reach that much, but it was a hard struggle to keep the living creatures of the store alive, such as fishes, reptiles, chinchillas and hedgehogs. The owner reports that there has been no power for days, so it is hard to work. No power means no circulation of water, but the manager still brings his portable generator to circulate water in the tanks. Moreover, the cold-blooded creatures have to be given some warmth, which is not possible without water, but still he finds himself happy in not losing his homes and business as others.

There have been many business owners in and around the city, who had suffered losses in their business, while some observed a setback at their homes. Though everyone regrets the loss; there has been no power in the city, which has almost exerted equivalent effects on all citizens. Everybody seems to understand the grief of one another, as probably none of the New York residents have had no loss post the arrival of Sandy. The suffered are expecting assistance from their insurance and opting to do the needful in every way as possible. There have been such areas in and around NYC, which were below 8 feet of water. The foundation bases of numerous homes and businesses were destructed by this deep floodwater.

The issues of sufferers are different; some are worried about power issues, whereas, others are down with transport troubles. Some have lost their homes and businesses entirely and are struggling to revive it. However, no one is complaining, because they can understand that there are worse sufferers than they themselves are. Many business outlets and homes had been destructed due to floods and the current problem that most are facing is loss of electricity, transport systems, which have halted work modes. Most amenities need to be sanitized and many portions need to be reconstructed. The struggle for revival has already started and fruitful outcomes are being expected quickly in favor of all.

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