Philippines Top 5 All Time Favorite Beers

The Philippines is known for having great fiestas all around the islands. Pinoys love to drink and pull up an all nighters and still be up for another round the next day. If you’ve stayed here for a while you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about. In all parties and feasts, there’s always be an alcohol and one of the most favorite alcoholic drinks is beer. Here are the Philippines Top 5 Beers you definitely want to try.

San Miguel Beer Light

Who wouldn’t know this light beer that is almost seen ordered by parokyanos in Manila. With their byline “Mahaba-habang inuman with San Mig Light” (Long-lasting drinking with San Mig Light), you’ll never go wrong. Endorsed by pinoy celebrities like Sam Pinto and Aljur Abrenica. Try looking for a sub zero beer.

Red Horse Beer

Most of my friends order Red Horse (6.8% alcohol content) when we’re getting together. They even search for the so-called “Happy Horse” which according to the urban legend has more kick than other bottles. I like red horse compared to San Mig Light because I like its taste especially when it’s cold and has a lot of ice.

San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen

San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen (5% alcohol content) is one of the best-selling beers here in the Philippines. This is the oldest beer and most of our ancestors all went through this drink. Endorsed by our Pambansang Kamao, Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao and other noted sports-celebrities.

San Miguel Strong Ice

The very first beer I’ve tasted. It was a friend’s birthday and in that time I really don’t drink beer or any alcohol. But then I tried to be less KJ (Kill Joy) I go with it since they ordered a bucket. With 6.3% alcohol content San Miguel Strong Ice isn’t really a surprise to be on this list.

Manila Beer

Manila Beer has a much higher alcohol content, which is 7%, than other beers. The first time I heard about Manila Beer I seriously thought it was corny. But then in a way I felt that for the first time we’ve got to put on Manila in a brand of beer.

Now the next time you visit the Philippines, you know about some of the best beers offered in most bars and clubs here. Although there are still a lot of beers offered here that you’ll definitely enjoy, you’ll just need to explore a bit and ask the bartender. Now you just need a group of friends to share this information and have fun drinking. Just make sure to get home safe.

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