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Wayanad is blessed by the nature with its unique terrain and beautiful forests, islands, caves, lakes and other gorgeous locations. When nature blesses a place with so much high an amount of beauty, it is normal for the people in the region to be thankful about that to the higher form that they believe. That is probably why Wayanad has many largely unexplored beautiful pilgrimage points. 

The most famous pilgrimage centre of Wayanad is probably Thirunelly Temple. A spectacular example of the exemplary classical Kerala Temple Architecture, Thirunelly, situated among the forests on a mountain, is known as Kasi of the south. Myth says the story of the temple as Brahma’s dedication to Vishnu. Papanasini, the clear mountain spring that washes away all the sins, is  situated near to Thirunelli temple. Another temple with similar architecture is the Thrissilery Shiva Temple. People believe that last rites performed in Thirunelli is unfinished business if they don’t visit Thrissillery. There is a Jala DUrga temple inside the premises of this temple.

Valliyoorkavu temple, dedicated to the Mother Goddess in the forms of Bhadrakali, Vana Durga and Jala Durga is a prominent pilgrim centre of tribals of Wayanad. The fifteen days long festival is held during March-April. Sita Lava-Kusha temple is the only temple in the world known to be dedicated to Lava and Kusha, the sons of Lord Sri Rama. This place of worship is also in Wayanad. Devotees from all faiths visit this temple which is connected to different episodes of Ramayana.

Sulthan Bathery Jain Temple built in the thirteenth century is the most important pilgrim centres for Jain believers. It is one of the few well maintained, among the various Jain temple ruins, in the state of Kerala giving enough evidence to the theory that Kerala had strong presence of Jain believers in olden times. After their disappearance from the mainstream it served as a Hindu temple for quite some time and was ruined. It acted as a battery during Tipu Sultan’s attack hence giving the place the name Sultan’s Battery. There are numerous other Jain remnants in Wayanad. Wayanad tourism offers you to go through wide variety of cultures in kerala

Pallikkunnu Church, established more than a century ago, is a church dedicated to Mother Lourdes. Started by the French Missionary Fr Jeffrine, this church is famous for many rituals similar to that of those in Hindu temples. The annual day of this church is in February and people from all over Kerala attend the festival. Kerala tourismwithout wayanad may not fullfill your trip nature friendly.

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