Planning A Trip?

First things first is who is coming with you or are you going to be a lone traveller? Most people think destination is first but the company you keep may turn your plans upside down so either go with someone who wants to go to the same place as you or consider your travelling companions ideas. There’s no point taking your great grandparents to Lapland to sleep in a barely heated log cabin in the middle of nowhere so consider something a little easier to get to and look for places in the middle of a community so if something goes wrong i.e. trips and falls, you’ve got somewhere to go for help.

However, if your great grandparents happen to love a bit of glacier climbing and quite fancy the idea of Lapland then by all means get booking tickets! If you’re going in a group you’ll either need to be very specific about your own wants whilst you’re on your trip and go off on your own for a little while if you don’t want to visit a place the majority plans on visiting. They may also think camping under the stars or staying in a hostel is a great cost effective idea but you’re thinking a little more towards five star luxury hotel so make sure you’re all on the same page before you sign up to anything.

Big groups can benefit from big discounts if you all book together but thinks like finding a table in a café might be difficult plus it’s hard to accommodate everyone’s wants and needs. Smaller groups may find it easier finding accommodation, hiring cars and booking last minute tickets but if you’re going on a long trip you might start to get fed up constantly being in the same company.

The second is destination so if you planned on going to New York but your partner has always fancied California you may need to combine your trip so you can visit both places so look for connecting flights or hire a car once you’re there if one of who fancies a detour. If you’ve chosen a place you’ve never been before make sure you your research as you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the different customs in Japan for example. Take a guide book with you and make a note of some basic phrases you’ll use every day such as asking for directions, right, left and please and thank you.

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