Planning A Wedding For The Fall

Autumn weddings have a lot to offer when it comes to flexibility in planning, especially when it comes to color schemes, dress designs, and wedding settings. In many regions, fall is the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. Color schemes can be deeper and richer than is suitable for spring or summer events. Because the weather isn’t so hot, there is more flexibility in dress styles without having to worry so much about being cool enough. Deciding to send fall wedding invitations may just the right plan for your upcoming wedding.

Southern Comfort

In southern areas, summer isn’t the perfect time for an outdoor wedding. Instead, it is fall that offers comfortable temperatures and low humidity, ensuring dresses and hair look their best. Planning a wedding for the fall is also a popular option in the northern areas known for their glorious fall foliage and the likelihood of that last bit of warmth, colloquially called Indian summer. Bridal party color options broaden from the more delicate colors of spring and summer, allowing rich autumn hues. Dress style choices open up as well to include sleeved styles and heavier fabrics.

Fall Advantages

There are also other advantages to autumn weddings. Because of the enduring popularity of spring and summer weddings, many venues are tightly booked during those months. In addition, many places capitalize a bit on those more traditional wedding months with higher prices than are charged during the fall and winter. Planning a wedding for the fall may make it a little easier to book the venues you want for the ceremony and the reception, as well as save money.


It can also make it more convenient for guests, as well, as there’s less of a chance that your date will interfere with summer vacation plans. For people that live in or near regions that attract a lot of summer people, vacationers and tourists, choosing to have a fall wedding can help make attending be less expensive for out of town guests. Traveling outside of the peak summer travel season is typically more affordable, as are hotel room stays.

Family and friends receiving your fall wedding invitations are sure to look forward to the event. Autumn is a wonderful season to have a wedding, offering a broad range of planning advantages. It is a comfortable time of the year, usually avoiding unpleasant temperature extremes. The fall months accommodate a variety of settings, both indoors and outdoors, and feature a world just full of the color and beauty that only autumn can offer.

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