Planning An Exhibition

It is important to know what you want to achieve from an exhibition and how this fits into your marketing strategy. For those considering Optrafair exhibition stalls, or a similar exhibition, it is essential to set specific planning objectives. These could be in relation to market research, customer relationships, sales, PR/media or industry networking, and should be realistic and measurable.

Planning An Exhibition

Some of the questions you should ask yourself before committing your organisation’s participation include:

– Why exhibit?
– What will I exhibit?
– What do I hope to achieve?
– How do I want to present my organisation to fellow exhibitors and attendees?
– What is my long-term marketing strategy and does this exhibition fit into this plan?
– Who will design my stand?
– How will I measure the results?
– How will I use this information afterwards?

While ambitious targets are helpful in the long term, objectives must be realistic and measurable in the short term. This usually means keeping things as simple as possible.

Develop an Exhibition Plan

The planning process should commence a minimum of six months prior to the event. It is vital to write an exhibition plan that you can share with your colleagues, including timescales, budgets, key messages, logistics, data capture and post-event evaluation methods. It may also be helpful to assign a specific co-ordinator to oversee the planning.

Selecting an Exhibition

Having a clear idea about your objectives will help when it comes to choosing which exhibition to attend. Taking the following steps will help you to decide which events will be the most beneficial:

– Collect information about each exhibition for comparison; for example, you can obtain Optrafair exhibition information through Smart XS.
– Request previous attendee and exhibitor profiles from the exhibition organiser. This will give you a good idea about who else is likely to be there, both in terms of your competitors and your target audience.
– Where possible, make contact with previous attendees and exhibitors and ask them for feedback on the last event. Was it helpful? Did it meet their expectations?
– Talk to the exhibition organiser about how the show will be promoted.

Above all else, exhibit for the right reasons. It is vital to ensure that the exhibition fulfils your objectives rather than simply attending because your competitors will be there.

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