Planning For Future Change: Future Technological Changes That Businesses Should Be Aware Of

You only have to think about what the business world was like before the advent of the fax machine, the Internet or even the computer to see how significant of an impact technology can have on businesses. In recent years, wireless technology has enabled companies to collect payments from customers through their cell phones, and companies are now making use of cloud-based storage, video conferencing and other technologies more fully. Because of the considerable impact that technological changes can have on a business, it is important for business owners to keep tabs on developing technology so that they can be poised to implement that technology as soon as possible. Here are just a few of the technological advances that you can look for in the coming years.

Power-Generating Clothing
We have all heard the adage that says, “The clothes make the man.” This may take on new meaning in the business world when the clothes also power the business professional’s cell phone, lap top and other machines. Energy-producing clothing will draw heat from the body to provide a charge for cell phones and other devices, and this innovation is only a few years away. Business professionals will never have to worry about running out of battery power while traveling or away from their home or office with these clothes.

Ergonomic Positioning Alert
Many business professionals are well aware that ergonomics promotes productivity as well as wellness. A new ergonomics sensor that is being developed by Phillips is set to be released in a few years, and it will alert you when you are not properly aligned with your computer screen. It places a small camera at the top of your screen that monitors the position of your eyes, and it also analyzes the position of the keyboard in relation to your body. The innovation is expected to alert you when you need to take a break from the computer too.

Unique Password Protection
As a business owner, you may be aware of how vital information security to your company. While you may have safeguarded your computers at work, your company may be vulnerable to cyber theft and other related crimes through your employees’ smart phones. However, new technology is being developed that uses your own body movements to identify if you are the correct user of the cell phone. It takes into account your body’s alignment, the speed at which you move and even how you sit in a chair to determine if you are the person who should gain access to the phone. While cracking a password may not be difficult for some people to do, it may be virtually impossible for others to access a smart phone with this technology installed.

These are only a few of the many new technological advances that are currently being innovated. By monitoring the advancement of these and other advances in the marketplace, you can be poised to take full advantage of them when they are available for use.

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