Plus Size Prom Dress Tips from Fit To Flatter

A perfect fit prom dress for plus size girls needs a little consideration because there are a plethora of options available online. Choosing an inappropriate one can make you look like dressing in a burlap sack or can hug on to the wrong curves.

Start with the right cut

Choose a correct cut that suits your body type. When you look through the stores, there will be different styles of prom dresses but everyone differs.

The straight cut dress flows in a straight line from shoulder to the dress hem. This style is appropriate for a girl with broad shoulders and a small lower body. On curvy women, a straight cut style will look baggy and frumpy.

A-line cut is tight around her bust but gently flares across a lower body. This style flatters every body shape. Hides the tummies, hips, and bottoms thus balancing overall body shape. It will make her look leaner, taller, and thinner.

Empire prom dress has a high waist seam that falls under the bust directly and flows in a loose, long skirt without defining the waistline. It flatters a heavy figure through the tummy and thick waistline. The key is to have the empire dress gown tailored to fit your bust and flow freely down towards the hem.

Ball gown styles flatter an hourglass figure having waistline and hips. It has a snuggly bodice and waist, which falls in a poufy skirt with crinoline layer underneath. Ball gown style highlights your bust and hides the hips.

Look at the potential dress from different angles

Many plus sized girls are not aware that what appears fit while standing can be disastrous when they sit. The skirt can ride up or wave can cause the sleeves to strain. In case, you feel the fit is uncomfortable then move to try another one. Any doubts that sudden movements could split the seams needs to be considered seriously to avert the worst scenario at the event.

Look for a good seamstress

Sometimes size off the rack doesn’t fit well. It may be due to your skinny waist and ample bosom. The dress that fits your bosom will swallow the waist. Therefore, dressing in unflattering prom gown look for a professional tailor and get it altered to look gorgeous.

Colors and patterns

The printed dress is flirty and fun. They have their personal character but large prints on a plus size woman can be disastrous, especially if she is petite large prints can make her look larger. The print does not have to be too small but appropriately small to suit your plus size. Choose a flattering color that adds a glow to your skin tone. Dark colors conceal while light colors emphasize, so choose accordingly.

Wear supportive undergarments

Buy a bra that supports and lifts your figure making your dress look great. If you are wearing long prom dress, which fits tightly at the waist then consider dumping customary bra and wear a slimming bodysuit.

Before you go shopping for a prom dress never pay attention to size tags, know your measurements, and make it an exciting event. Practice good posture and attend the prom night with a healthy dosage of confidence.

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