Poppy Den A Must See Las Vegas Restaurant

If you’re in Vegas on a hot summer night and happen to be craving Asian cuisine, you should definitely put Poppy Den on your “To Do” list. Here, you’ll experience authentic Asian flavors that are handpicked by none other than Chef Angelo Sosa. It is one of the perfect places for social gatherings to take place as well as the perfect venue for any romantic interests that you may have.

First off, realize that Chef Angelo Sosa is an award-winning chef who has been featured in magazines, blogs, and who has even participated on chef-based reality T.V. shows. He associates with some of the biggest names in the catering industry and his passion for cooking led to the inspiration that has no become Poppy Den.

This trendy restaurant Las Vegas has to offer is open seven days per week and is and provides a nice, soothing atmosphere that works well with almost any situation. Chef Angelo Sosa has a world renowned ability to manipulate ingredients in such a way that it develops a flavor that you can’t experience anywhere else. You’ll get a taste of what Asian cuisine really has to offer when you visit Poppy Den.

Reasons to Visit
Poppy Den is, well, the perfect place to dine on Asian meals while relaxing and sipping on cocktails. There certainly isn’t a better new restaurant Las Vegas and you would be hard-pressed to pass up on the delicacies that Sosa has provided. Here are a few prime reasons to visit Poppy Den if you ever happen to be in Las Vegas and are craving a delicious meal:

  • High Quality Ingredients: All of the Asian dishes made at this venue are carefully picked and are made only from the highest quality ingredients and materials. You will receive nothing less than a fresh meal each and every time you order.
  • Pricing: Although you may end up paying a little more for the food at Poppy Den, most people who have dined there will admit that it was worth every penny. And this is quite true considering that the prices of these dishes are valued much, much higher than they are offered for.

Bottom Line
All in all, this is a venue that is two stories and that offers a rustic feel where one can truly relax. The majority of meals hover around the $20 to $30 range and you’ll also be able to choose from the large array of wines, cocktails, and beers that the venue has to offer.

Paul Cook wrote this article from Las Vegas about this Summerlin Restaurant Poppy Den. If you’re in Las Vegas Paul recommends you stop by for a delicious dinner.

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