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If you are a dance or fitness instructor that is in need of studio flooring, or if you are someone that is planning a large outdoor event and are in need of an easy to install dance floor, portable dance floors are safe, sturdy, and convenient. They come in a variety of styles and aside from dancing, they can also be used in home recreation rooms, garages, kitchens, and display areas. Portable dance floors are easily installed and they can be conveniently moved to and from locations, making them a great choice for instructors that are renting their space.

What is a Portable Dance Floor?

A portable dance floor or sprung floor is a sturdy floor made out of special materials that are specifically designed to absorb shock and energy, and they create a safe surface for when dancers step, dance, and land on the floor. They are easily installed in a series of steps using a clamp and cable system, and every floor comes with a color coded set of instructions to ensure proper and safe installation. They can be installed in just about any space, including stages and backyard areas, and removing the floor is as easy as installing it. Portable floors are often used for special events like weddings and formal parties, and there are also permanent floor options for home and studio owners that are in need of a permanent solution to their flooring needs.

Sprung Floor Styles

There are a variety of sprung floor options to choose from, it all depends on your specific needs. These floors are multi-purpose as well, and many homeowners choose the sprung floor style for their basements and kitchens as a cost effective alternative to standard hardwood floors.

Maple Sprung Floors

The maple sprung floor is specially designed with sturdy and strong maple and a ceramic finish, providing dancers with the sound of hardwood with every step while they safely dance on its slip free surface. Maple is a great choice for dance studios that offer lessons in tap, flamenco, and any type of percussive dance style.

Ash Sprung Floors

The ash sprung floors are designed with white ash panels and are perfect for almost any form of dancing and fitness, including yoga, pilates, zumba, hip hop dancing, and ballet. The ash sprung floor is coated with ceramic urethane, providing a safe and slip free surface for dancers that is also easy to clean and maintain.

Vinyl Dance Floors

Vinyl dance floors come in a variety of styles and are designed to be used with a birch sub floor as well as complete build-your-own floor packages. Vinyl floors are often used in dance studios and are perfect for all forms of dance. Colors include grey, marbled grey, and black, and these floors are easy to install and maintain, making them the perfect choice for dance studios that tend to have a lot of foot traffic.

Dancing Made Easy

Whether you are a professional dance instructor or simply in need of a dance floor for your next big event, portable dance floors are cost effective, sturdy, and provide you with a safe alternative to standard flooring. Simply follow the easy installation process, and in no time you will be dancing the night away on your new floor.

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