Powerful Promotion: How To Promote Your Law Firm With Press Releases

You’ve been marketing your law firm through social media, blogs, and maybe even video or podcasts, but how about press releases? If you thought press releases have passed their prime and are no long a great way to market your law practice, think again. Press release can bring your firm back into the news, generating buzz among journalists and non-journalists, alike. Your firm is just a few press releases away from standing out from the crowd.

Take a look at the point below to see how press releases can help you promote your law firm in a quick and easy way.

What Is A Press Release?
Unlike your blog posts, social media efforts, or email newsletters, a press release is intended for the media. Journalists are always looking for juicy pieces of “insider information” to help them write their articles, and a press release can be your law firm’s way of passing along that precious information. From mergers to new employees, introducing services to announcing a move, press releases can help spread the word about what’s new and exciting at your law firm. And not only are you helping journalists find new stories, but you’re helping to promote your law practice at the same time. Press releases can be published online, in newspapers, and/or magazines, meaning that even if your story doesn’t get picked up, hundreds, if not thousands of people will still view it. Furthermore, online press releases will offer links back to your law firm’s website, blog, or social media profiles.

Press releases do have a specific format and are usually written from a third-person perspective. While they are often devoid of voice and flare, they do have the opportunity to present engaging content. Your firm can either research proper press release etiquette or hire a professional copywriter to arrange a quality article that you can be proud to pass on. And don’t forget to promote your press release on your law firm’s own websites, blog, and social media profiles. The more buzz you generate, the more powerful your press release would be.

Your law firm should be shooting for publishing at least one press release per quarter. By keeping your firm’s name in the public’s eye, associated with positive news, you can ensure that your practice is capturing the attention of new clients day in and day out.

What Is Newsworthy?
While many law firms know that press releases are a necessity, many struggle with what to actually write about. However, the beauty of the press release is that it can be about practically anything newsworthy. First and foremost, you should announce, introduce, and promote anything new at your firm. From new employees to new offices, discussing your law firm’s progressive advancements is always a positive hit. You should also consider writing press releases about any upcoming speaking engagements, fundraisers your firm is sponsoring or participating in, any new books or marketing efforts, business partnerships, or even statistics that showcase how well your law firm is doing. There are plenty of legal press release publications, both online and offline, which will be interested in all things legal.

Again, your firm should be aiming to publish at least four press releases per year. While that might not seem like a lot, taking your time to craft meticulous and positive press releases will achieve greater results than publishing a press release every week. The overall goal of a press release is to generate buzz, interest journalists into writing about your firm, and finding new mediums to promote your law practice in. Well-planned press releases can only help your firm’s reputation.

How To Generate Buzz
There are a few marketing tricks to take your law firm’s press releases from newsworthy to buzz-worthy, which is an entirely different level of promotion. A buzz-worthy press release can grab the attention of non-journalists, as well, resulting in a higher ranking for your firm’s website. Consider tacking your press releases onto current news topics and weighing in on the discussion. You’ll be promoting more than services and employees with a press release like this; you’ll be promoting your law practice in a big way. By offering opinions and unique perspectives, you can create press releases that people will want to share through email and social media. And if your press release is already online, your website will be receiving more links back to it than ever before. Use press releases to make your practice known and its opinions heard. Generating buzz like that can boost your law practice quickly and effectively.

Don’t write off press releases as a thing of the past. Your law firm could be cashing in on a whole new target audience while appearing newsworthy and interesting at the same time. Take your law firm’s marketing efforts to the next level by creating quality press releases to be released several times per year.

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