Practicing What You Preach

In this day and age, when people are more aware than ever about what is happening in the world around them, it is so important for all businesses, whatever their size, to be honest and transparent about all they do.

Here in the United Kingdom the Starbucks tax issue made the headlines and exposed the company for being clever when it came to corporation tax. What it was doing certainly wasn’t illegal but in the spirit of morality and fair pay, the UK was being deprived of money by this huge brand as it looked to maximise its returns.

What this situation showed was that the general public felt strongly about this and it even lead to Starbucks openly discussing the issue and declaring it is to change its policies towards tax and give its customers what they wanted.

This is just one instance of a company, which in truth does seek to do its bit for the environment, failing to understand that people want to shop with brands that are exactly what they say there are.

The renewable energy field is one such sector where sustainability is the main focus of the organisations that it contains. Businesses working to improve the environment in which they operate need to be especially open when it comes to the way they go about things.

They need to take responsibility for how they do business and endeavour to make a positive contribution to society. A sustainable business is one that can deliver its service in the best possible way, while affecting the environment in a positive manner.

However, it is not just companies and people working in the green energy sector that need to be aware of the impact they have on the planet. As we have already discussed, businesses in all industries need to think carefully about how they are portrayed and if they are having a negative impact on the environment in any way.

With consumers more savvy than ever when it comes to buying green products and those with a Fairtrade mark, companies need to ensure they practice exactly what they are preaching and doing their utmost to act responsibly. And with some brands built on this trust (think Apple), it is imperative that their image remains something that not just stands for quality, but also honesty too.

For those working in sustainability jobs, they have even more riding on their shoulders to make the world a better place to live and work in.

This article was written by Benjamin Freeman, a recruitment consultant specialising in sustainability jobs.

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