Preparing A Garden For Spring

Winter can leave your garden looking bare. The task of making it ready for spring can seem daunting, but have a look at these tips and you’ll be raring to go. If you have a busy life, it can be difficult knowing where to start. Try to do one thing a day or every few days if you are hard pressed.

Clearing and Tidying the Garden
If you have a lot of plants, it can be tough slaying the usual jungle, but winter’s harsh conditions kill off many weeds and all you have to do is take advantage of it. Put on some warm clothing to face the cold and don’t let it get out of your control by leaving the weeds till spring. If you don’t tackle the weeds now, you’ll have more work later, trying to destroy them when they are well-established. Hoeing is a great way to disturb small weeds and stop their roots from taking a foot hold. Do it when the ground is moist or not too dry and it’ll be easier on you.

Prune trees before they start their growth. You can think it harsh on a plant that looks like its struggling to produce new growth, but some breeds of bush and tree will hold more fruit or blooms later in the season if they are pruned early. Find out which of your plants will benefit. There are guides on how to cut plants correctly and what stems are best left. Sometimes it is advised to not cut into woody parts of a plant, such as lavender, unless you do not want that part to grow back.

Confront and cut back towering trees which might otherwise cause a problem to the structure of your home or its plumbing.

Start planning what you want to be planted. For some this means a working garden and one which will produce fruits or vegetables. Prepare the soil with the right kind of manure, but stay away from peat and other non-renewables.

In a tough economic climate, working gardens are becoming more and more popular, but such a garden doesn’t have to be bland. Make the most of flowers that will attract the bees to pollinate your garden. Start sowing your seeds in a greenhouse or in an otherwise damp but warm environment.

Buying New Outdoor Furniture
Think about how you are going to enjoy your garden in the summer. Maybe it’s time for another set of tables and chairs. Both metal such as aluminium and resin, rattan style furniture have become increasingly popular. Furthermore, it’s important to inspect and treat old furniture and repaint garden fences.

Preparing a Good Seating and BBQ Area
Consider putting slabs down on areas which you might use for seating and BBQs. Start looking for the type of seating and BBQs you would like. Even if last year was unsuccessful for you, it’s never too late to turn your garden into the one you want.

These are just a few useful tips but should be enough to get you started, so you can enjoy your garden when the first rays of the warming spring sun arrive in a couple of months.

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