Preparing For SEO Changes In 2013

While search engine optimization supposedly deals with all of the search engines, those who work in SEO know that Google is the primary target. As a result, predicting how Google will change its algorithm can make the difference between a great year and a mediocre one. Now that 2013 is upon us, it is time to anticipate what changes will come to SEO this year. Here are a few ideas to consider.


First, Google will likely continue in its crusade to rid the results of pages that can be interpreted as spam. Those who remember the Internet 10 years ago remember when search engine results were filled with junk websites. Google is taking great steps to prevent junk results from popping up, those who market websites want to ensure that their content is not interpreted as spam. Marketers should expect Google to become more strict in 2013.

Mobile devices

Mobile devices will continue to play an increasingly important role in SEO. In addition to favoring mobile-friendly websites, users can expect Google to prioritize local sites even more than they did in the past. As a result, those performing New Jersey SEO will want to ensure that their websites specifically target the New Jersey area. There is also a chance that targeting may go beyond the state level, so users will want to include information related to specific cities as well.

The continuing fall of link building

As all SEO experts know, the power of links has drop significantly in recent years. As Google develops more techniques to rank website, the value of links will continue to fall. Links will still serve as testimony of a site usefulness, but Google will improve its ability to detect good and bad links. Those performing SEO will want to ensure that they continue to find ways of building links organically.

Better ability to detect top-notch quality

With all the data they receive through Google Voice, Google Translate and other natural language recognition tools, Google will likely be able to detect quality content even more accurately in 2013. While most performing SEO have been avoiding spun articles and automatically-generated content for the past several years, articles that are structured poorly will likely do little to improve a site’s rank.

SEO is always a challenge, and Internet marketers have to constantly refine their tactics to ensure that they remain competitive. As the field becomes more complex, however, it will also become simpler in some ways. Google is better at detecting quality content that spreads in an organic manner, so marketers will be able to spend less time building sophisticated linking systems and more time developing great content. Like always, those who are able to adjust to new realities are poised to succeed in SEO in 2013.

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