Prom Gifts You Can Give On A Budget

When you look back on your years in high school, one of the most memorable days will be the day of your prom. It comes as no surprise that when the school prom committee is planning the prom that they are incurring a huge financial obstacle. This is because there is usually limited funding and most of it relies on the fundraising efforts of the committee. With the need to secure a place to have the prom, food, decorations, music and everything else in-between the budget for the big night dwindles fast.

However, it’s always a good idea to provide your classmates with a keepsake for them to look at for years to come and remember this special day. Since the money’s almost non-existent at this point you will have to work on a budget, and we have tips to help you with that.

Keepsakes On A Budget

Key Chains- the most common gift is usually a key chain that has your school logo, or if your school has a very notable mascot, put that mascot on the key chain. You could even make it a mini picture frame and at the end of the night provide mini photos of each person or couple from during the night to put into the frame. Since this maybe one of the cheapest items to hand out, you can have each one personalized with each student’s name.

Customized Mugs- you can go basic with these and have your school logos’ placed on them, the year, and any information that means a lot to your school. However, if you would like to add a nice twist to them, order them blank. This provides you a unique opportunity to customize them at prom. There are places that can take a digital picture and transfer them right to the mug on the spot. So why not have it set up that when people or couples get their prom pictures taken, instead of handing them just a picture, they get a mug with the picture, schools name and their names right on the mug.

Shirts- These can also be customized before hand with everything that is important to you school, the name, year, logo, and mascot. You can also do the same thing as the mug idea and have the prom pictures placed on the tops right on the spot.

Picture Frames- You can engrave some nice picture frames with the school name, logo, and year. When the students take their pictures at prom, they can be placed into the frame for the students to pick up at the end of the evening.

The majority of all these ideas when ordered in bulk can be provided with a discounted price to help you cut the cost even more. Remember, however, that ordering these items in advance is the best way to get them to prom on time, and time to look them over to make sure that they are correct. is a prom forum that brings parents and teenagers together in one location and allows them to discuss all aspects of the 2013 prom.

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