Promotional T Shirts And Other Branded Clothing Options

Bands, nonprofits, and other organizations often use tee shirts as promotional and merchandise items.  Tee shirts are certainly a viable option for all of these groups but sometimes the same old shirt just is not enough to get people attention.  Brands and groups that are looking for a way to set them apart from all of their competition are often looking for something different.  Fans, supporters, and clients of these groups are often happy to spend money as long as what they are getting is not just another tee shirt that is going to end up in the rag closet.  There are many different options available to organizations that are looking for alternatives to the traditional stiff screen printed shirt.

Custom T-Shirts
T-shirts are not always a bad option but you should consider spending a little extra money for high quality shirts that are made from materials that feel nice.  If you are planning to sell you shirts, you should pay even more attention to the quality because you are asking people to spend money to support you and the quality of your shirts reflects on the quality of your organization or brand.  If you are giving your shirts away it still pays to spend a little more on your promotional shirts.  The whole point of a promotional shirt is to have your brands image seen by as many people as possible.  If you give someone a shirt they will not wear out of the house or even worse, will not wear at all, your promotion is pointless.

If you are promoting in a cooler climate or just want to offer something similar to custom t-shirts, the long sleeve shirts are a nice alternative.  If you are sponsoring a youth sports team you can ensure your logo is visible in any weather by having both short and long sleeve shirts printed for them.

Hooded Sweatshirts
Another popular item, especially for bands, dance groups, sports teams, and other group organizations is hooded sweatshirts.  Hoodies, as they are sometimes called, are especially popular with young people.

Class rooms across America are known to be chilly because of the strong air conditioning used in modern school buildings.  Having your bands logo walking the halls of high schools across the United States cannot be a bad thing.  Hooded sweatshirts are usually available in two different styles, zip up, and ones that pull over your head.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  The layouts of your graphics or personal preference are both things to consider when you are deciding which one would be better for your brands merchandise.

Custom t-shirts and sweatshirts can be a hard fit and require you to order multiple sizes.  If you are not sure how many of each size you should order, consider choosing an item that is more one size fits all.  Hats are the perfect promotional item if you have a diverse fan or client base because they are easy to fit and provide the perfect canvas to display your organization’s logo.  Many printing companies offer different style hats so you can choose the one that will best represent your company.  Baseball caps appeal to a wide age range while beanies are better for a younger demographic.  You will also be able to choose between screen printing or embroidery.

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