Protect Yourself From The Worst

The ever changing climate we’re seeing in today’s world is a force to be reckoned with. Crime is a constant threat everywhere in America and it’s not going to disappear. What’s the world coming to? Natural disasters, hurricanes, floods and wildfires are all things that can devastate a community but taking steps to protect life and property are not something to look over.


Preventing nature from striking with it’s most powerful force is something that is completely impossible to control. With that in mind, protecting your home and family is one of the best things possible. The knowledge that your basement has begun to flood when a storm is going over your home is invaluable as it gives you time to save yourself and your family.

Home Emergency

Smoke detectors are an outdated technology, although they save 1000’s of lives yearly, more advanced sensors exist that can detect a fire before it becomes uncontrollable. That 5 minutes of earlier detection in the middle of the night and the immediate emergency response can make the difference from some minor fire and smoke damage to a destroyed home and loss of life.

Recently, I had a small electrical fire that started around the fuse box in my basement. By the time I had rounded up my family and carried my 2 dogs out of the house, there was a firetruck pulling into my driveway and from this emergency, thanks to quick detection and quick response, I only had to replace a few feet of wires and a couple floorboards with paint. Less than $50 of damages compared to losing my home or putting my family in further danger sold me on home security.


Security systems most basic function is monitoring burglar activity. Criminals are a fact of life and every household needs to be prepared and protect their possessions and life from wrong-doers. Alarm systems on windows and doors can prevent criminals from even attempting a break-in. The safety of having 24 hour monitoring is priceless.


Home security equipment can be incredibly easy to install, with do it yourself projects that are made for the average person to setup in no time.

Where to research home security

There’s hundreds of home security networks. Looking through reviews and personally testing many of them, I’ve found that Front Point Security has really worked out great for my family. Mother Nature doesn’t wait for home security to be installed, don’t let the worst happen without protection.

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