Put Your Money Where Your Mouse Is With Online Games

One popular way of earning cash online and putting your money where your mouse is, so to speak, is to participate in online games of skill. Aside from cash prizes offered by single player games on the web, more and more sites are letting gamers earn cash for playing in tournaments or in multiplayer games. Games online are exciting as it is and having money added to the equation tends to make the entire activity so much more exciting.

Anshe Chung
It may seem like a counter-intuitive prospect to play games online and get paid for them but there are a few games online where players can earn real-life money and earn legally. In the year two thousand end eight, the first millionaire in the real world was Anshe Chung. By developing real estate virtually, she earned over a million dollars. Keep in mind, however, that earning amounts of money significantly online is not always a breeze.

Mobster Game
Sign up for an online game that is text-based which provides prizes in cash. Mobster Game and other similar games offer prizes of cash to many players with higher rankings. In the game, earn extra turns and excel as the turns can sometimes be exchanged for actual money. On a text-based game, reach the top rank offering prizes weekly to the players who rank the highest. These games can pay as much as a thousand dollars a week sometimes. Participating in web tournaments is also a good idea. Skill games online usually involve fees to enter and the skill game winner takes some of the payments. What differentiates games like these from betting is that winners don’t win because of luck but instead, through skill.

Create Accounts
Create game accounts that you don’t intend to play. Many games online are so sure that gamers will like the offered games that they give you cash payments if you close your account within seven days of character creation.

After downloading and installing the game client, fill out the game website contact form and inform them that you are selling your character and are not interested in gaming. The contact form will then ask for your PayPal address and you can then wait for payment.

Second Life
Signing up for a Second Life account is also a good idea. Design and create the appearance of one character. You will then receive virtual currency of linden dollars and two hundred fifty of these equals one dollar.

You might also want to try working or creating a club. Players with attractive or good personalities will be paid for working at these places. A club charges linden dollars for other gamers to participate in them.

Remember that just from playing games online, few people are able to earn a living full-time but they do serve as a wonderful way of having fun while earning a supplementary income.

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