Putting Your Best Foot Forward In The New Year

At the start of a new year it is traditional for people to come up with a list of things they will attempt to do differently in the year ahead. Whether this is to engage in more physical pursuits and take on a new fitness regime to blast away those extra pounds gained over Christmas or to give up a habit such as smoking, these declarations often require a lot of will power and a determination to succeed.

As already mentioned, one of the most popular resolutions people make is to keep fit by running a few times a week, joining a gym or class, or going it alone and training at home instead. Whichever of these choices you decide on, you will need to steer clear of the high calorie foods for a while and concentrate on making this work – for a few months at least.

It really can pay to have a goal in mind and have something to work towards. If you want to lose a set weight, this can be relatively straightforward – apart from the actual losing it part! You may decide to dedicate a set number of hours per week to running, or choose to cycle to work instead of using the car. These are certainly admirable choices.

If you have any spare money left over from Christmas – and lets face it, unless your presents this time were money to put towards the January sales this is highly doubtful – you can invest in a new bike or pair of trainers to get you on your way and going in the right direction.

In fact, by putting your money where your mouth is and showing you are serious about the new you, this can give you extra motivation to reach those goals set in the New Year.

At this time of year there are certainly plenty of sales going on and getting the sports gear you need is never going to be so cost-effective. You can get trainers from the biggest brands like Nike and adidas at a fraction of the price you would normally be expected to pay and so you can exercise in footwear designed to look after your feet.

Research has shown it is important to run in new or reasonably new trainers when doing exercise as old ones soon wear away and do not cushion the feet as well as they once did.

So begin the New Year as you mean to go on and invest in something tangible to mark the start of your new exercise targets.

This article was written by Suzie Davis, an experienced gym instructor, on behalf of www.saleasylum.co.uk.

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