Queen For A Day: Hungover At Dawn

Riding in a limousine is a special experience for the majority of people. A once in a lifetime event where we can pretend to be living the high life, dishing out the champagne, rolling down the windows and standing with your head out of the sun-roof like we’ve witnessed in all of those Hollywood films, which is probably quite ill-advised in reality. Living the superstar lifestyle is one of the key attractions to limousine rental; after all, if you see a limo driving down the street you naturally take a look out of interest. It’s unusual and fabulous; not your run-of-the-mill bus ride to your place of work or study.

Partying in Comfort
This glamour and glitz which has gone hand-in-hand with the history and culture of limousines has made the vehicle the number one go-to car for those special parties. Whether that is a Sweet 16, a wedding celebration or that terrifying but exhilarating prom night, limousines are the transport of choice for style and comfort. Not too comfortable, mind, as inside is often party central! The pre-drinks start popping and the music blaring as you make your way to your venue. To say a limo ride is a pre-party is actually a bit of an insult, as it might just be the best part of the night!

Which Should I Choose?
Depending on your choice of limo, you could be in for a very different experience in very different surroundings. From the classical, stylish interiors of the antique limousine, which is extremely popular with the wedding crowd, to the flash, brash and loud Hummer Limo made famous by countless celebrities. The celebrity experience in such vehicles can be a massive draw for those who are seeking a one-off rental experience. The sheer size of these machines cannot be underestimated, with many Hummer Limos featuring neon dance floors, karaoke machines and even smoke machines! This wide array of entertainment options allows the limousine’s occupants to groove along while also enjoying all of the food and drink made available.

Such a party atmosphere differs greatly to the experiences offered by the more classical limousines, which will be most likely ushering nervous brides and grooms to the biggest day of their life! There may be a party later, but it’s doubtful that there will be a full-scale ‘groove-athon’ occupying the happy couple as they make their way to the wedding venue! Whatever you choose your limousine for, the chauffeured experience will certainly last long in the memory.

There are so many different kinds of limousines these days to match your every desired indulgence, so whatever your occasion, you will be sure to find something to make it a memorable one.

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