Quirky Office Stationary To Brighten Up The Daily Grind

Doing any job day in day out can become monotonous fairly quickly, and particularly if the tools you’re using are plain and uninspiring. Of course, in the case of office work, these ‘tools’ come in the form of stationary and it can be fun to brighten up your desk space with quirky stationary that will add some colour to your work space. Here are some of our favourite pieces…

Quill style pen

Add a touch of the historical to your notes and lists at your desk with this pen in the shape of a quill. Instead of dipping it into ink and making a mess however, it’s a normal ballpoint pen, so you can feel like you’re writing an important charter or poem, when in fact you’re just jotting down ideas for your next meeting.

Ladybird and duck push pins

These adorable pins add a bright reminder of summer and the outdoors with their ladybird and duck designs and will surely be attached to the notices on the office notice board that get the most attention.

Star shaped elastic bands

A gold star is a mark of a good job done, so to bundle together your best work, why not use these star shaped elastic bands? Retracting into the shape no matter how long they’ve been stretched for, removing them will put a smile on your face when you see the star.


These paperclips, in the shape of reindeers, dolphins and ducks mean you can not only add a little personality to your notes by clipping them together with an animal, but you can organise your notes according to personality –are they full of ideas that jump out at you? Clip them with a dolphin. A project that needs finishing before the end of the year? Remind yourself of a Christmas deadline with a reindeer.

Thought cloud sticky notes

To remind yourself of your best thoughts, why not write them down in a thought bubble? A more wistful way of remembering the little bits and bobs you have to do around the office, and also can be used for a bit of office banter to lighten up the atmosphere – let people know you’re thinking of having lunch by holding up a ‘lunch?’ thought bubble.

Moustache erasers

These erasers, in the shape of a moustache add a little quirk to your mistakes that need rubbing out, reminding you of many people’s facial hair mistakes, or maybe your own…

Moleskin cassette notebooks

If you’re recording your meetings by hand, why not do it in a notebook that looks like you’ve recorded it on a tape? A nice reminder of the good old days of audio cassettes, these 50th anniversary notebooks are sure to cheer up any sort of work notes, short of playing a song over the top of them.

Victoria Gray is an English Literature graduate currently living and working in London as a freelance writer. She is here writing for Discount Forms, retailers of sage payslips and all essential payroll administration supplies.

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