Rainy Days

Thinking of fun days out for the family can be difficult when everyone wants to do something else. If you’ve got  little ones you can’t be running around for hours on end with them without exhausting everyone else out and after just a few hours they’ll fall asleep leaving a whole day left and the rest of the family to entertain. If you’ve got older ones you’ll need to find something age appropriate that the whole family can do as well so sometimes it can be easier to take older ones one weekend and younger ones another weekend ensuring everyone is happy and doesn’t have to compromise on their activities.

For a super active day why not look into clay pigeon shooting or paintballing? The men of the family will leap at the chance to shoot at targets and it will bring out the competitive side of them. If you have nieces and nephews bring them along so you can split into bigger teams and talk tactics against one another. Go karting is another way to get the competitive streak going as you can race one another around the track which is especially fun for teens who can’t yet drive

If you just want to chill out but don’t want to stay on the sofa then look for theatre shows on in your local city especially musicals that younger members can sing along to or favourite films they’ve watched where they can see the characters come to life on stage and interact with the audience.

Look for concerts, plays, comedy nights or bars with live bands and singers and if possible wait until the night of the show to buy tickets as they will often go down in price or for big shows look on eBay for tickets people need to get rid of fast.

Younger ones might appreciate a craft day where they can make their own paintings and decorate pots and take them home. Your local city is likely to have free museums and art galleries so take a look at what they’re learning in school and see if there are any exhibitions on things like Vikings, the Slave Trade, Van Gough etc. Some places will have interactive villages where you can dress up, pretend to fight in battles or live and work as a person from that era. Keep costs down by taking the bus, packing your own lunch boxes, printing off maps and taking your own camera and be prepared for all weather eventualities!

Lilly Connor is a mum to five teenage boys and writes on behalf of actionhobbies.co.uk

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