Ranting Ramsey Or Luscious Lawson: Which Celebrity Chef Are You?

The culture of celebrity chefs, with their flashy, funky TV shows and glossy aspirational recipe books, has brought cooking to the masses. The kitchen has become a social setting in itself thanks to the glamorising of cooking and entertaining by our favourite TV cooks. It has become far more common to get invited round to a friend’s house because they want to try out Gordon’s spicy meatballs and Nigella’s chocolate treats rather than a quick glass of wine before you hit the town!

Home-Centred Cooking
This increase in popularity has changed the way we organise our kitchens. Kitchen catalogues show a move towards the kitchen being a hub of the house, with a fashion for large dining kitchens rather than the separate kitchen and dining room. This way elaborate meals can be concocted with friends and family relaxing and socialising in the same room, making cookery an enjoyable inclusive pastime. However, covering your kitchen in the world’s largest collection of fairy lights, just like Nigella, is not compulsory!

Who’s Culinary Kudos Do You Crave?
If you’ve decided to have a culinary get together, when choosing what to cook in can be difficult to know where to start! Perhaps knowing which cook’s credentials you share could give your brain a bit of a boost!

Dare You Risk Some Ramsay?
Are you organised, exacting and with incredibly high standards? Is everything in your kitchen planned out like a military expedition? Are you likely to bellow at your troops like an angry Sergeant Major if your fairy cakes flop? If you’re a perfectionist, with an eye for detail and pretty presentation then it’s Ramsay’s recipes you may want to try!

Slugs and Snails and Puppy-dogs Tails
Are you fascinated by fancy special effects and funny flavours? Do you like to break from convention and experiment with rare foods and crowd-pleasing taste combinations? If you like to impress your guests and have a menu with the ‘Wow-Factor’, then hosting like Heston might be right for you!

Pukka Puddings
Are you bright, bubbly and bursting with energy? Is dancing around the kitchen as important to you as fine dining? With quick, easy-to-follow recipes that don’t compromise on taste, enjoying yourself is key to the Oliver school of cookery. So, if you like your dishes to be bursting with flavour and good hearty ingredients, then maybe Jamie is just the job!

Pout Your Way to a Perfect Mealtime
Do your get-togethers scream decadence and delight? Do you thrive on sumptuous textures and indulgent flavours? If you want glamorous meals that are so rich and delicious that you don’t care about the calories, then maybe Nigella is your gal?! However, sultry hair tossing and midnight dashes to the fridge are not absolutely necessary!

Gone are the days where families and friends gathered in the lounge and ate in the dining room. New kitchen designs allow meal times and social occasions to bring people together. All you have to

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