Rate of Stealing is Increasing in Calgary

Rate of stealing is increasing rapidly in Calgary area and the families there are suffering a lot. Different commodities are being stolen from personal places and within very short time. It has not been a long time that thieves stole airplane fuel from Alberta Farmer’s plane that another incident of laptop stealing took place in between.

Then almost 2000 liters of fuel were stolen from the airplane that was waiting on the owner’s yard. The authority has not yet been able to solve the case of fuel stealing. However, these family members are expecting that their case will be solved very soon and they will get back the laptop easily.

The laptop that has been stolen was a red- gateway laptop and the thief stole it from the house of the owner once again. He didn’t stop there and dared to steal other important documents too. After a long time of searching, the family members discovered that their passports, credit cards were all missing. The person has taken other electronic gadgets with him, along with the costly laptop. They are still searching whether any other commodities are missing or not.

The family actually is very possessive about the laptop because it contained the photographs of the son who is no more. The photos were very precious to the family members and when the incident took place, they were watching the photographs.

Probably they move for a while from that place keeping the laptop and at that time, the thief stole it and other mentioned articles.

Peter Wood the RCPM constable in Cochrane is supervising the case and he talked to the family who are grieved to loss the laptop containing photos of their son Mathew. Talking to the family, he came to know that Mathew died 5 years ago, on October 13th 2007. Mathew died in a plain accident as he was an instructor for float plain and was working in Vancouver Island.

The officer sympathized with the condition of the family and decided to take all necessary measures to bring the laptop back. The family members on the other hand are taking personal measures if they could get back the device. They are pleading neighbors and people around to assist in catching the thief. If they suspect anybody, they will inform either the police or the family member instantly to solve the case.

As the surveillance video has caught pictures of two people who were arriving at the rural home in the county of Rocky View, it has been easy for the family members to provide with pictures of the suspects. The suspects were carrying hatch back (Ford Focus) at their back and that is why it has been easier for them to elope with the laptop.

Wood also reported that one of the two suspects was wearing jeans, (light colored) a jacket (black) and a cap printed in black and grey ball. The other suspect was wearing a complete different dress like a safety vest of orange construction, a dark jeans and a shirt (sweat material).

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