Reaction of Food Industry May Result in the Failure of California GMO Measures

Majority of seed and food companies are going to face a lot of trouble, if the California Ballot Report passes and is accepted by the authority. The California ballot will voice for the need of top graded and genetically customized food in the US.

More than two-third of the California people supported the labeling initiative who wished that they would vote during November on the point that in United States, only A-grade and genetically modified food should be used. Finally, the November ballot paper reported that the vote ratio increased 6% more than what was expected. Almost 39% of total Californians voted for this issue.

People who supported the labeling initiative raised the point that consumers always have the right to know exactly what type and quality of the food they are eating. They also said that all the companies should know about each other’s cost projection method and thus labeling should be authorized for the convenience of both the businesses and families.

According to report, most of the processed food available in USA is often made of either corn, crops or soybeans. Manufacturers also make use of different other ingredients that have been genetically modified. They make use of these ingredients so that weed killer or insects can’t damage to the food.

The food and drug administration department in USA has determined that labeling is not mandatory for foods made of GM (genetically modified) crops and they suggested that it is partially, not fully important for the non-GM foods. A scientist from a reputed organization reported that 3 dozen of total countries actually need labeling and safety testing before delivering the food products in the market.

The same person also has suspected that the companies that are pleading for labeling will actually remove the GM ingredients from food instead of using them in the labels, if the labeling bill passes.

Actually labeling has been important for the satisfaction of the food manufacturing companies mostly to help them know that all of them are following the same standard for quality food delivery and demanding the same price from customers.

Other experts find other issues in the food manufacturing company’s demand for labeling. A consumer advocate says that the labeling supporters are actually planning to follow the same tactic that was followed by the tobacco companies in California during summer.

USA food and drug authority rather reported that the labeling supporters are misguiding voters as they are forcing the US people to believe that the nutrition and food professionals of the country are speaking against the Proposition 37 bill, when the reality is that this academy has no connection with the labeling issue.

The FDA also marked a mail, sent by the supporter of ‘No on 37’ bill where it was said that FDA is purposefully dominating the approach of the labeling supporter and said that the ballot would speak in their favor only. The mail also carried the logo of FDA under it.

Now the legal authorities of the country are looking after the issue and the Californians are eagerly waiting for the ballot result to come.

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