Realizing More ROI On Your Email Delivery With STMP Service

More ROI

Whether you are using a computer or a mobile phone for your internet mail transmission, you simply need to know that the process is efficient and profitable. Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) is the Internet Standard for transmitting electronic mail (e-mail) across IP (Internet Protocol) networks. Think of STMP as the router used by your electronic mail server, along with other mail transfer agents, to send and receive your email messages.

How Much Does a SMTP Relay Service Cost?

SMTP relay service costs are quite affordable because the various service providers present their potential and present clients with packages at varying price points. Like every other service you invest in, the ROI of the SMTP relay provider you opt to use would be foremost on your mind.

An SMTP relay provider may want you commit to a monthly plan at a certain minimum and a certain limit. Another service provider may allow you to only pay for what you use, charging you based on the quality as well as the quantity of emails you send. The cost for sending emails with some SMTP service providers decreases over time if you increase the number of emails you send and retain a good reputation. SMTP relay pricing varies from provider to provider, so you should shop around for the cost per number of emails that suits you most. For example, one provider may charge at a rate of $2/month for 1K emails, while another’s charge rate is $79/month for 25K emails and still another is at $40/month for 40k emails. You can work out the math and see which rate per number of emails sent would benefit you best. You can opt to use a cheap SMTP relay service to handle your email delivery. Some require that you sign up for their free service and then upgrade to the package you think will work for you. Your biggest concern for cheap services would be whether or not they deliver on service.

Overall, how much the service will cost you will be dependent on your choice. Packages may range from free to premium statuses such as bronze, silver, gold, platinum and enterprise. When you compare package prices, take the time to not only match the cost of similar premium packages (e.g bronze with bronze), but also compare a lower premium package from one provider to a higher one from another provider (e.g bronze with silver). This will allow you to get the best price in spite of the status of the package, because the cost per number of emails for the bronze package from one provider may offer you more than the silver package offered by another provider.

Sending Unlimited Emails

SMPT is a bulk email service, which means that it consistently handles large volumes of emails on a daily basis. You benefit from being able to send unlimited emails on a weekly basis without anyone having to dedicate a lot of time to the process. The relay system automates, manages and monitors all aspects of the mail transfer so that your team will have time on their hands to get other work done, and that helps you to realize even more ROI from using an SMPT relay provider.

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