Reasons To Buy A Tub Chair

Whether it be a nice, comfortable chair for the living room or a wooden one to go with your dining set, your choice in chair can really determine the style of your entire home. As such, it’s best to consider every single option before making a decision. Tub chairs come in as big a variety as conventional chairs, but due to their unique shape and how they’re made they do have many advantages over other chairs in some areas.

They’re small yet comfortable.
Though padded and leather tub chairs are comfortable, there just isn’t as much room for padding as with traditional chairs. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider them for your living room though. One advantage tub chairs do have is that they take up very little space, meaning you can fill spaces in the room with seating that would normally remain empty otherwise. You can also fit a large number of wooden tub chairs around a dining table, or at a small desk where a bigger chair would get in the way.

They’re light weight.
Tub chairs tend to be light compared to more traditional furniture. If you’re looking for a piece of furniture you know you’ll never move, then a tub chair is not be the best choice. When you’re looking for furniture you expect to move often, however, a tub chair really shines. This is perfect for when you like to rearrange the look of your rooms regularly, or invest in new furniture that requires the shifting of old furniture regularly. It’s also a great choice for a spot where you couldn’t put a heavier piece of furniture without obstructing something, such as in front of closets.

They have non-traditional arms.
This is the defining feature of as tub chair. This makes tub chairs a great choice for crowded areas like the dining table, as people won’t accidentally jostle elbows as they attempt to rest their arms on a more traditional dining room chair. It also has more mechanical advantages. If you use a tub chair as a computer or other swivel chair, then the arms won’t risk catching anything while the chair is moving or even spinning.

They have a post-modern look while still being functional.
Tub chairs look sleek, unique and even a bit artsy for want of a better word. As such, it’s a great choice if you’re going for a ‘modern’ look with your lounge suite. Though some may say that simple stools and the like have an even more ‘modern’ vibe to them, the fact is that stools are uncomfortable and often impractical. Tub chairs, on the other hand, are comfortable and fulfill numerous roles other than simple decoration.

Tub chairs may not be perfect for every role, but there are many situations where they are superior to more traditional seating. If you know how to take advantage of that, you can really spruce up both the comfort and look of your home.

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