Reasons Why Dating Bearded Men is an Excellent Idea

Many women feel attracted to bearded men. Apart from the physical appearance, women also love bearded men for other reasons. If you intend to grow a beard, these are some reasons why women might want to date you if you grow a full beard.

It shows responsibility and commitment

It is not easy growing a beard. It could take several months for some men to see their beard grow finally. Without commitment and responsibility, some men might give up along the way. It also takes time to learn how to maintain a beard as grooming is an essential part of the process. Therefore, if you head out as a bearded man who still looks clean, you can quickly attract women.

Growing a beard requires patience

When you develop a beard, there will be an awkward stage when your beard starts to grow, but it is still not at its full length. At that point, you might be too impatient to wait longer. You might decide to shave the hair off instead of looking foolish. But, your decision to continue waiting until the hair grows is a sign that you are a patient person. Women love men who can show patience and understanding.

You take hygiene seriousl

If you are a hairy person and you do not maintain proper personal hygiene, you will start to look disgusting. But women will find you attractive if you look clean and well-groomed. It shows that you took the right steps to clean and condition your facial hair. It might take time and effort, but you did it anyway. You invested in shampoo, conditioner and other facial cleansing products to achieve your look.

You look more masculine

Some women feel attracted to men who look masculine and tough. It gives them a sense of protection and safety. It is not necessarily the best stereotype of men, but you can use it to your advantage if you have a beard. You also look mature when you have a beard. The last thing a woman wants to happen is to have a relationship with an immature man who cannot carry a normal conversation. It does not mean that you are mature when you look mature, but you will at least feel the pressure to step up.

It feels excellent touching a beard

If you want to ask for forgiveness for a mistake you made, you can use your beard to get on the right side of your partner. Your beard feels tickly and soft. Many women will go crazy the moment you start tickling them with your beard. But make sure that you have a well-maintained beard or else it could gross the other person out.

Given these reasons, you might want to start growing a beard now. It does not guarantee that women will like you, but it can increase your chances. If you are patient enough to grow a beard and wait for it to grow to the length you desire, it will be a big achievement.

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