Removing Dust Effectively – The Top Five Ways To Remove Dust

Take a look at the following top five ways you can efficiently and effectively remove dust.
Spending hours scrubbing in desperation to remove a patch of dust from your car, your fireplace, a wrought-iron bed, a trophy you won when you were 18 or anything for that matter, can be a tedious, time-consuming and nigh impossible feat to accomplish. In fact removing dust is one of the most frustrating components of cleaning.

Fortunately help is at hand and there are various tools and strategies you can implement to remove stubborn dust with significant ease. Removing dust with electrolysis
One novel way to remove dust that has been infiltrating deep into a surface for months, even years, is to use electrolysis. Whilst electrolysis is typically associated with hair removal, it can also be effective in removing dust and restoring metal back to its former glory.

Simply use some salt water, two anodes and a battery charger. As this method of dust removal produces a deadly gas known as hydrogen, ensure that you carry out the project in a well-ventilated room or, better still, outside.

Simply place the positive end attached to a piece of iron in a container of salt water. Turn on the battery charger and this will begin the process of removing the dust. As more and more dust is removed, the water will become increasingly rusty, and it is advisable to change the water at least one during the procedure.

Removing dust with alcohol
When it comes to removing dust, alcohol can be an effective asset. Simply soak your rust encrusted item into some alcohol, leave it for approximately 30 minutes and then rub at the affected area and you will find that the rust will be removed with greater ease.

Removing dust with wet blasting systems
To remove dust effectively whilst eliminating the need for continuous scrubbing, wet blasting systems can be an extremely productive asset. In blasting surfaces with mist instead of water, wet blasting systems offer an environmentally friendly way to blast surfaces, remove dust and create polished surfaces you could eat your dinner off – well almost!

Removing dust with dry blasting systems
Similar to wet blasting systems, dry blasting systems provide an effective an eco-friendly way to remove dust.

Dry blasting systems are designed to be used on virtually any type of surfaces and contain a filter system that is constantly cleaned to ensure that there is not loss of suction and that optimum results are achieved and you have an abrasive free highly polished surface that does not contain any rust.

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