Removing Stains From Your Home’s Carpeting

Carpets are precious interior decorating items. When they get stains, you have to move with speed to get rid of the stain. Otherwise, it will end up becoming a permanent mark. Generally, when you accidentally spill liquids on carpets, do not try to rub them off. Instead try to blot them out. A paper towel is ideal for this. Start from the stain’s outer edge moving inwards. This will prevent a further spread of the stain.

If you spill solids on the other hand, fetch a knife or spoon and scrape off as much of it as you can. Be gentle as you do this so as not to ruin the carpet’s fabric. This will take off the solid portion of the spillage. After making use of such stopgap measures, the next approach involves the use of commercially formulated carpet cleaners to get rid of the stain completely. As a preventive measure, you should first test whether the carpet is colorfast before attempting to treat a stain with chemical reagents.

The following tips will come in handy when removing carpet stains:

Colorfastness test

  • Test your carpet in advance and confirm whether the colors run or hold. Test as follows:
  • Identify a blind spot where one cannot easily see such as the edge spread under the sofa.
  • Vacuum your carpet.
  • Take the cleaning agent and add a little on a piece of scrap cloth.
  • Place it on the spot you earlier identified. Let it stay there for an hour or so.
  • Using a dry piece of white cloth, blot the spot and check whether it has a stain.
  • Test several cleaning agents till you find one that does not stain the blotting cloth.

Stain removal

You can buy manufactured cleaning agents from your local grocery or home center. Alternatively, you can use a home-made solution. Here’s how:

  • Make your own by mixing a dishwashing agent with water and vinegar.
  • Stir vigorously to mix.
  • Apply the resultant solution on the stained part.
  • Give it around 10 minutes then blot.
  • Repeat several times till there is no stain appearing on the blotting cloth
  • Once you are certain that there are no more traces of the stain, rinse the spot and blot it until it is dry.

You can also cover the area using paper towels then place something heavy on them. Change the towels at intervals and remove when the area dries up. The procedure works the same with most types of stains. The secret lies in not letting the stain stand for long. The exercise requires some patience especially since you have to keep blotting the affected area or changing paper towels. Having the right tools can make a difference in cleaning your carpets. Using an industrial carpet scrubber can help to properly extract dirt and materials from your carpeting. Find Milwaukee parts here: These high quality parts can fix your scrubber and other tools in no time!

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