Rent Your Roof Space And Save The Planet

These days just about everybody is looking for ways that they can earn a bit of extra cash without running themselves into the ground doing it.  Many people have started online businesses looking to cash in on the growing number of people shopping and buying services online.  However, there is one area of their homes that could be earning them money with minimal effort being put in on their part.  There has been a new global platform developed which aims to bring together homeowners and contractors within the solar power industry.  In essence, the solar power businesses would like to rent your roof space and license it for the generation of solar energy.

World Wide Initiative
This is not a project that is going to be limited to one specific part of the world, or even just a couple of towns.  This is a global incentive that looks set to change the way that electricity is generated in the future.  There are solar energy businesses the world over looking for suitable places to invest in power generation.  Think of how much sunlight shines onto your roof tops without being harnessed – this is energy going to waste and discarded revenue.  By renting out your roof space and the surface of your roof for the installation of solar panels you could play your part in changing the way that the planet creates electrical energy and playing your part in the saving of the planet for future generations.

How it Works
The owner of the building such as a house or an office block makes available to the solar contractor the roof and the roof space beneath it for the installation of solar panels and the systems that control them, for which the building owner receives a regular rental payment.  The company that is then operating the solar power equipment provides the solar electricity to the home.  The excess energy generated is then fed back into the national grid system and the contractor receives payment.  There are a number of options that could be open to you if you decide to look into renting your roof space out to a solar contractor, so it pays to speak to an industry professional to see what would work best in your situation.  There is a one off fee to pay to have your home listed in the database of available rooftops, in turn this fee goes towards the costs incurred in publicising the scheme.

Solar power is still very much an un-tapped energy resource.  With new initiatives underway and companies like Brac-Group leading the way it may be possible for you to generate an income for yourself in the solar power energy revolution.

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