Review Mazda CX-5

Best Selling Soft Road SUV in 2013
One really feels that Mazda have hit the nail on the head with their latest suburban SUV. After you have taken it for a test drive, it will be no surprise to agree why Mazda’s brand new CX-5 Grand Tourer Wagon will get very close to being the best selling soft roader SUV on the Australian market in 2013.

The vehicle is the top of the range and aims to provide its users with a platform of complete technological & driving comfort. The Grand Tourer comes in a range of four-wheel drive & all-wheel drive versions with both petrol (2.0 liter) or diesel (2.2 liter) engines to choose from. They are all  proving to become absolute sales hits.

Great Features
The replacement for the very popular CX-7 has all the gadgets you can think of and is still incredibly frugal both around town and on the freeway.

The interior cabin size is decent and will easy accommodate 5 adults. The driving position is comfortable and the vision through side & rear views is clear enough to leave the driver in full confidence of his surroundings.

Other great features are the touchscreen Sat Nav, which doubles as a reversing camera, the multi-function steering wheel, Bluetooth connectivity, iPod integration, optional sunroof and tech pack.

The top range Grand Tourers also come with added safety features such as blind spot notifications and lane departure warnings. The maximum 5 star ancap safety rating and an abundance of airbags give peace of mind knowing that in case of an accident, all passengers will be fully protected.

There is some industry opinion that the petrol versions can struggle uphill when the car is fully loaded. But the response of its i-stop technology, which looks to be become the consensus amongst manufacturers for future fuel management technology, is excellent and will help your wallet when it comes to filling up the tank at the petrol station.

On the road for under 50k
The 2.0 liter version of this very smart SUV is on the road for just under 50k Australian dollar after a fleet discount is applied which can be achieved by arranging your car finance.

For the urban family to which this vehicle is pitched for, the Mazda CX-5 Grand Tourer Awd Diesel Wagon will definitely be a great experience in comfort and ease and you should not hesitate in buying one for your own family.

Mazda really are onto it here and the Grand Tourer can easily drive its way to Australian record sales in 2013.

Rick Elenbaas is freelance writer. He currently writes new car reviews on behalf of Platinum Direct car lease.

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