Roof Safety Tips For Routine Maintenance And DIY

After a cold winter season it is always a good idea to complete a roof maintenance check, and if necessary do a few roof repairs. Like other DIY work, the risk involved when doing roof repairs should not be underestimated, and all of the appropriate precautions and roof safety measures should be taken. We’ve outlined roof safety tips that should be exercised at all times when doing roof maintenance, including the equipment that should be used.


It’s absolutely vital for roof safety that the proper footwear is worn in order to avoid slips and falls. Invest in a proper pair of rubber soled safety shoes that have good tread; rubber soles are particularly important when working with electrical appliances on the roof. An elementary but important roof safety measure is to make sure that shoe laces are tied.

Watch the Weather

When working on the roof you are exposed to all of the elements, and thus it is important to choose a moderate day to do the work. Avoid roof maintenance in the morning when there is still dew on the roof, as the tiles or shingles will be slippery. Similarly, avoid working after rain even if it was a light drizzle. Do not work in high winds as an unexpected gust may result in a fall. If the weather is very warm, make sure that you keep yourself hydrated.

Ladder Safety

Most roof repair injuries are caused by falls and thus ladder safety is paramount to roof safety. First, ensure that the ground where you place the ladder is even. Next, place the foot of the ladder one part away from the wall if the height of the wall is four parts. In other words the ratio should always be 1:4. An important roof safety tip is to never lean on a ladder. Always make sure that your belt buckle (or where your belt buckle would be if you were wearing a belt) is in between the two rungs of the ladder.

Keep Tools and Supplies Organised

For optimum roof safety it is best to make a list of all the items that are needed, so that you can avoid travelling up and down the ladder unnecessarily. When on the roof, keep your tools organised particularly if they have electrical cords, as they are a major tripping hazard. It’s also a good idea to sweep the roof clean of any debris for roof safety, to avoid tripping and slipping.

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