Rules for Wearing Winter White

Anyone who’s paid even marginal attention to fashion rules knows the old adage “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” However, many style aficionados would call that guideline outdated. The truth is white need not be forbidden after Labor Day, as long as you know how to do it well. Here are some tips for rocking your white wares in winter.

Flaunt floor-length dresses

If you’re going to wear white this winter, make a bold statement and go all out. A long white dress serves a double purpose. Not only does it make you stand out amid a sea of people decked out in red, green, and black, but the extra length helps you stay warm during the cold months, particularly if it’s made from a knit, sweater material.

Contrast it with black

Black paired with white is an absolute staple during the cold months. Whether you’re wearing a midi-length white dress or straight white trousers, a black purse, a black pair of boots, a black jacket or black hat can have you appearing dressed to the nines, even while being surrounded by winter colors.

Customize graphic tees

White is a popular backdrop for graphic tees. These make a fantastic Christmas gift whether for yourself or for others. Pick out your favorite saying, character, or artwork and have it printed on a white T-shirt. Tuck it into your favorite pair of jeans or a black pair of pants to show it off in the clearest light.

A graphic tee dress in white is also popular. Pair it with a coat in a contrasting color, especially if your graphic print is bold. You’ll rock a white ensemble without letting it take over.

Don’t wear white to a wedding

As a general rule, you should never wear white to a wedding, but it’s particularly important for weddings in the winter. There’s already enough white in the environment trying to upstage the bride without your adding to it. Let her have her day, and save your flowy white dress for another formal occasion.

Strap on the right shoes

Your outfit is only as good as your accessories, and the right shoes mean everything. Try not to overdo it with the footwear, as it can quickly upstage your neutral outfit. For example, a pair of blocky yellow pumps may make your white sweater dress look off-putting.

Instead, go with neutral colors like skin-toned, gray, or brown shoes. Boots are always a go in the winter, and you might try pairing white with white.

Try off-whites

If you’re not quite on board with donning white after Labor Day, break yourself in easy with off-white instead. Tones of off-white, cream, and beige can be very attractive, particularly in a professional environment. Try an off-white patterned blouse with a black blazer to break into this new-to-you trend.

Tailor white pants

White pants can be flattering in the winter, as long as the fit is tailored to your body. White trousers aren’t very forgiving. If they’re loose or they fold in strange places, they’ll show every role and imperfection in your lower body. If they’re fitted to you, however, they will be extremely kind to your body shape. Go for a wide-leg pant to elongate the silhouette rather than skinnies.

Just remember to wear nude or white underwear! There’s nothing worse than realizing too late that you wore your black lace panties under your white pants.

Mix in some color

Just because you’re embracing white fashion in the winter, it doesn’t mean you should say goodbye to color. White is the perfect backdrop for your favorite colored accessories. Scarves, boots, earrings, bags, and even tights in bright colors can add some pizzazz to your otherwise neutral look.

Start a new winter trend by wearing white in all the right ways. You’ll have all your friends begging to know your fashion secrets!

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