RV Storage Tips

An RV is an exceptional way to spend time on the road; however, the space limitations are sometimes challenging. Many RV storage tips exist to maximize your confined spaces to ensure you are able to bring along all items you feel are necessary to enhance your travel adventures. The key to any storage system is organization.

Dishes, Glasses, and Cutlery
One of the most difficult areas to keep organized and secured is the kitchen. You have items that are breakable and difficult to keep in one space without moving around. It is possible to have nice things on the road without worrying about the repercussions of driving over a large pothole. To keep your silverware in place, you should purchase a drawer organizer. These organizers will have a place for each piece of an eight-piece silverware set. You will easily be able to notice if you are missing an item that may have accidentally gone to a fellow camper during dinner. You should also invest in glass organizers. These organizers are available for any type of glass or cup from wine glasses to coffee mugs. It is also relatively easy to find dish stabilizers to keep plates and bowls from sliding around in the cupboard so you can bring along a nicer set of tableware.

The Bed
Many times, manufacturers do not think to utilize the empty space beneath the bed. This is highly valuable storage space. You might consider investing in the perfect-sized plastic containers that will allow for such bins to slide in and out from under the bed with great ease, while protecting your belongs inside the container in case a bit of extra space remains under the bed. It is a great idea to keep seasonal items under beds. If you are traveling through a particularly hot region of the country, store your winter clothes under the bed until you are ready to use them at a later time.

Vacuum Bags
In order to maximize your storage, you should consider using vacuum storage bags. These bags will shrink down any number of items into a manageable size for storage. Simply attach a vacuum nozzle to the bag to remove the air. You will be able to reduce the amount of space a stack of sweaters consumes by up to two-thirds. You can use these bags for blankets, pillows, sweaters, towels, and any other bulky item you may not need on a daily basis. The bags will rest nicely inside a storage container or on a shelf without taking up too much space at all. When you need such items, simply unseal the bag. They will be ready to wear or to use immediately.

These storage tips will give you more room and the ability to take more with you on the road. For even more ideas, you should join RV social networking communities to ask others how they have maximized their storage spaces. Social media is also a great way to meet new friends virtually and on the road.

This post was created by Heather Jenkins, an RV owner. When not using her RV, she puts it in storage at Midtown Storage for their excellent London Ontario storage services. They are located at 277 Maitland Street London, ON N6B 3N4? (519) 673-3803.

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