Safari Checklist

Many a times when people are planning a trip to a private game reserve such as Gondwana, they tend to forget to bring along essential gear that will enhance their holiday experience. If you are planning a trip down to this majestic corner of South Africa, we have compiled a safari checklist of things we recommend you should bring along.


Out on the plains of Gondwana’s private game reserve there’s a lot of action going on. So, a good pair of binoculars should help you see everything as it unfolds up close. There are plenty of stores that offer a variety of binoculars at varying prices andwith different features.This means that getting a pair that suits your preferences won’t be that hard to do.


Though a verbal recollection of your safari experience at Gondwana will be exciting, taking numerous and memorable snapshots of the diverse fynbos landscape and wildlife will enhance the flavour of the story. Whether you are a professional photographer or just want to save those unforgettable moments, there are plenty of cameras to choose from that offer purpose built features.

3.Sun Tan Lotion

Yes, it’s not the beach but, regardless of where you are, UV protection is very important. This is especially so when planning for a hiking expedition or a safari tour on a private game reserve, as you will occasionally be exposed to the sun. Sun tan lotion is available in most retail stores and chemists, so you can find one that suits your skin with ease.

4.Hiking Boots

If you plan on exploring our game reserve on foot, a pair of hiking shoes or trainers is a must have. Hiking shoes come in various sizes and styles, but all have one purpose and that is to provide you with comfort and traction while walking through rugged terrains. You’ll find that there is plenty of outdoor retail outlets that offer high quality hiking boots, so getting your hands on a pair should be a breeze.

5.Family and Friends

The most important part of a trip is who you share it with. Don’t forget to bring your family and friends along for an unforgettable journey through a picturesque slice of Africa that is sprawling with life. By doing so, you get to share the experience with those close to you, take group snapshots in the wild and go for fantastic hiking trips through our private game reserve.

This article was written by Tendai after doing research for private game reserves

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