Safest Places For Your Children To Download Music

Your kids like to listen to music just as much as you do. When it comes to letting your kids download music, you need to find safe websites that allow them to do this. Safe is defined as both legal as well as virus-free.

Children cannot be expected to look for the same things as we can on the internet, like the SSL certificates and such. Therefore, when it comes to allowing them to download music, it’s best to have a few sites all lined up that they can download from where there are are no complicated terms and conditions, and is straightforward enough for a basic internet user. This will protect both your computer, and also protect your children from unintentionally breaking any kinds of copyright laws.

Paid and Free Music Sites
The paid websites are usually the safest, primarily because you are paying for the licensing and the security of the site with every download that you spend money on. The top paid websites for music include:


When you are looking for free places to download music, however, it can get a little trickier. You don’t want to get into any situation that is reminiscent of Napster, where there were all sorts of copyright issues and many people were penalized with fines and/or imprisonment. You also don’t want to run into sites where there will be any kinds of pop-ups, inappropriate ads, viruses or anything that can slow your computer down. Some free music download sites that have been vetted for safety and legality are: (free songs section)

However, for the most part, you can avoid the riskiness of free music download sites altogether for children’s music downloads.

Children’s Downloads 

Children’s music is often available on the sites of their favorite TV shows, such as Nickelodeon and Disney. These are safe sites and children are able to not only download music but also coloring sheets and different games to be able to play on their computers or mobile devices. If the music is played on these shows, this is where they will be able to download the music.

One particular site to look into for children to access music is The site is safe and designed for kids. Everything is written in plain English and kids can find the songs they want to access.

Exploring More Places For Music 

When you want your children to be able to freely listen to all of the same kind of music they listen to on the radio, but can’t find the music your children are looking for on the free music download sites listed above, you’ll probably have to explore different options or just give into paying for music downloads. To start, you may want to start getting your kids gift cards for Amazon or iTunes to allow them to download a certain amount of music each month. You can even make them do chores and other projects in order to have the ability to download the music.

A better solution is not to download the music at all. With the technology today, children have the option of streaming music directly from a website, which allows them to listen to all the music they want. This can be streamed on computers, tablets, smartphones and virtually any other mobile device that you feel comfortable with letting your children have access to. You may want to explore the following for steaming music:

– Pandora
– Grooveshark
– Local radio station websites
– 8Tracks on Facebook

Children should be able to access music whenever they want. When it comes to finding safe places, the Internet can be problematic – only because you never know what will be advertised on the site. If it’s not a kid-friendly site in the first place, there’s no telling what your kids can click on and what they can end up downloading.

Particularly if you don’t have any kind of monitoring program on your computer, you need to do your due diligence in site research before you allow little ones to start downloading music. Stick to sites that you are familiar with, even if it means paying for the music or streaming instead of downloading. In the end, kids can download music and your computer will be safe, too.

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