Safety First: The Most Desirable Motorcycle Helmets On The Market

Following on from our recent post on the various cornerstones of motorcycle safety, we’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to perhaps the most important (in terms of safety) and recognizable (in terms of motorcycle culture) items a motorcyclist will ever own. I am speaking of course about motorcycle helmets, and furthermore of their advanced rank of importance – which extends far beyond the reach of vests, leather jackets and motorcycle saddlebags combined.

The helmet is an accessory and a life-saver neatly wrapped into one, actually rather bulky, package. Though I’d never suggest that a rider opt for one helmet over another on aesthetical value alone, it must be said that some helmets are just more suited for some motorcyclists- depending of course of the style of bike owned etc. etc.

Nowadays, we motorcyclists are fortunate enough to have a standardized authority when it comes to perusing items that are for sale and intended to increase our on-road safety. In fewer words, it’s illegal for vendors to sell us helmets that won’t do their job if needed to.

In celebration of the beautiful, diverse and intrinsic helmet, let’s take a look at some of the most currently popular on the market

Safety First: The Most Desirable Motorcycle Helmets On The Market

 ARAI RAM Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Japanese helmet masters Arai have been at the forefront of the protective head gear racket since their inception all the way back in 1926. A household name to 99% of all motorcycle enthusiasts, and the one and only realistic choice of almost as large a share, Arai have built a reputation as one of the motorcycling world’s go-to manufacturers when it comes to protective equipment (more specifically, helmets and helmets alone) that you can truly rely on when out on the road.

As large a marvel as its formers, the RAM Open-Face helmet has been doing serious business in the year or two since it’s unveiling. With a brow vent face-shield ventilation system capable of providing sufficient cooling to the upper facial region; without, may I add, the structural compromise of holes in the shell or inner lining (basically, the parts mainly accountable for absorbing any impact you endure)- this is a helmet you can trust.

Extra features include a ZR shield, holder and base plates- not to mention a lining which is fully removable and washable. A fully adjustable Type-5 diffuser system round off proceedings nicely, with the helmets complex laminate construction (CLC) shell composite ensuring for a lighter, more comfortable mode.

Nolan Modular Helmet

If half face helmets or open face helmets aren’t really your bag, then it’s very likely that modular helmets are. This stunning display of clairvoyance aside, sit back, relax and get your fill of this beauty from Italian helmet specialists Nolan.

Ready for N-COM communicational systems, this model belongs as much to the weekend riders as it does the stars of the race track. Blissfully aerodynamic in build, the Nolan Modular boasts a polycarbonate shell with built-in spoiler for unbeatable stability.

Safety First: The Most Desirable Motorcycle Helmets On The Market

With a pivoting chin-bar, stainless-steel latching mechanism, safety duel-action ‘centromatic’ release system- this is one kitted-out modular. As could be expected from any all-round modular, the lining is of course fully removable and washable (on snaps), as well as possessing extra roll for the neck which reduces both draft and noise inside the helmet.

An optically correct, tool-less quick change Lexan faceshield offers protection from the first in the sky, should you be one of those blessed to ride in it very often, and velour chin-strap padding round out this DOT approved gem from Nolan.


KBC Helmets is a company that has risen to the very highest ranks of industry-wide recognition in recent years. Employed consistently in both commercial and leisure settings, helmets coming off of the KBC production are in extremely high demand at present. But why? Well the answer to that is very simple: they’re awesome!

The VR2R Vulcan boasts a Tri-Composite Aramid Epoxy Shell (bag moulded) with reduced overall shell dimensions, aerodynamic shell stability styling, racing vision aperture, 2.2mm ‘OPCC’ scratch resistant visor and KBC Ultra Quick Removal Visor mechanism- favoured by this particular hog-fiend for its tool-less operation.

As if all of the information provided up until this point would not be enough to have you scrambling for your now seemingly laughable half face helmet and keys (or should that be mouse and keyboard?) and heading straight to the store to pick up one of these beauties, there’s more. Quite a lot more, in fact!

An integrated ‘RIB’ Visor Sealing technique makes for some of the most worry-free cruising a biker could dream of, and will see your pretty face remains shielded in all weather, conditions and road surface situations. The VR2R VULCAN’s internal lining has been crafted with two things in mind- namely, rider comfort and noise reduction. Furthermore, the helmet boasts a 100 per cent controllable Air Ventilation and Cooling System perfect for adapting to particularly heated riding scenarios (though rest assured it’s perfectly capable of retaining heat in the event said scenario happens to be flipped on its head). On top of all of this there’s the ever-sought-after cherry on the cake, a cherry which I for one feel that without no motorcycle helmet is worth your consideration- DOT/Snell standard.

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