Safety Precautions You Shouldn’t Ignore At The Tanning Bed

Tanning beds are great because they protect you against too much UV light and provide a more even tan. But before you go to one for your tan it’s important that you equip your mind with the right safety tips and precautions to help protect you against any problems. These safety tips are very important and could mean the difference between having a successful tan and looking like a half cooked turkey.

The first thing you should do is find the very best tanning beds. Make sure that the beds are of high quality and have been approved by all the relevant health bodies. If you fail to do this you might be unknowingly exposing yourself to different kinds of unimaginable danger. Do some online research and ensure that you have full knowledge of the type, model and brand of tanning bed you will be exposing your skin to. It’s good to use tanning lotions in order to prevent UV rays from having too much effect on your skin. Make sure you do some research and select the best type of tanning bed lotion that is perfect for your skin. Don’t be deceived, use only tanning lotions that are made specifically for tanning beds. Apart from lotions you should also make use of eye protection to help keep your eyes safe from UV lights.

Most people develop problems associated with tanning beds when they spend too much time tanning. This is why you need to determine how much time is safe for you to spend in the sunbed. It’s wrong to think that the more time you spend in the tanning bed the better or more tan you get. Look for a bed that has greater power and a lesser exposure period. Make sure that the tanning salon you’re using have highly qualified staff that are well trained and are up to date about every issue related to the tanning bed. This is important because even if you’re making mistakes they will be able to correct you for your own personal safety.

People with illnesses or delicate medical conditions should avoif sunbeds. Pregnant women or those nursing baby for example should not do it because of the chemical changes going on in their body. Those who have tanned in the last 24hours should wait for another 48 hours before using a sunbed again. If you’re on certain medication that are photosensitive is it advised that you avoid sunbeds. also. Also, If you’re on any form of special medication it is important that you consult your doctor before you go to tanning salons. Note that certain conditions like diabetes, herpes or lupus can become worse when you expose yourself to the UV rays in the bed.

Because many people use the bed at different times it’s important that you consider the issue of hygiene. Bacteria is introduced to the bed when sweat or particles from people suffering from certain transmittable health conditions gets on it. Before you use the bed call any of the staff and ask them to do some sanitising before you begin your session. There is nothing wrong if you also go to tanning salons with your own cleaning materials and towel just to make sure that you raise the level of the hygiene of the bed before you use them. Check the safety advice on the machine and ensure that you stick exactly to what it says.

Andy Pearson is a regular sunbed user and he believes it to be the best fake tan option you can find.

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