Same Day Delivery: The Biggest Thing In Logistics Today

The telephone, fax machine and internet all completely transformed how quickly information is transferred from one point to another. In the logistics industry, innovation has been in improved infrastructure, transportation, capacity and software. These crucial elements have had a similar effect on moving objects and freight. However, in an increasingly connected and flat world, there is always room for improvement.

The next crucial hurdle to clear is the challenge of same day delivery in both the B2C and B2B markets. From a B2C standpoint, online shopping has exploded in the past 10 years, but the advantage of retail stores over online storefronts is still that you can hold the object you seek today.

In the B2B world—quite simply—time is money. Moving raw materials, freight and products faster and more efficiently will always be a top priority.

The big retailers have already caught on, with Wal-Mart (in partnership with UPS), Amazon and Google taking on the challenge. Additionally, with eBay’s launch of eBay Now, other retailers like Macy’s, Best Buy, Target and Office Depot have utilized the service to bring their merchandise right to the doors of their customers within 24 hours or ordering.

Same Day Delivery in the Next 10 Years

In the spirit of unavoidable 2013 predictions, we’ll make a few predictions of our own regarding the near future of the same day delivery segment.

First and foremost, same day delivery will be one of the largest delivery segments by 2022. Given the recent growth in popularity and demand for same day delivery, as well as the rate of innovation, this level of speed and efficiency is unavoidable.

Much like most geography-based startups, the innovation and perfection of same day delivery will occur first in major cities before spreading to other industries and locals. eBay Now, for example, has already launched in San Francisco, moved on to New York and will soon be available throughout Southern California.

Lastly, same day delivery is likely to be a primary focus of the retail industry before most B2B industries. There are several more components that go into B2B freight delivery and greater demand from B2C customers.

Challenges of Same Day Delivery

It may be easy to assume the biggest hurdle in same day delivery is transportation limitations in both freight size and distance. However, the real challenges and innovation will have to occur in the supply chain, operations and even accounting departments. Orders need to be processed faster, packaged, assembled (in some cases), loaded and delivered. Shipments need to be efficiently planned and combined so that delivery time is being effectively utilized at all times.

Regardless of what happens next in the same day delivery industry and the challenges ahead, it is an exciting time for logistics. Similar to how the telephone, fax machine and internet changed communication, same day delivery is the next big thing in logistics. provides nationwide same day delivery services for companies of all sizes, including same day trucking and same day air service. Whether you need a pallet shipped across town or large freight shipped across the country, we can help. Contact today.

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