Save The Planet – Save The Water!

When live on a plant that is almost entirely covered in water. However, what we do not realise is the breakdown of the water and why we are short on water.

The ocean accounts for 97 percent of the earth’s water and because of the high saline levels it renders the water undrinkable. This leaves 3 percent of the earth’s water drinkable. However, to further complicate matters. Of that 3 percent, nearly 70 percent is frozen in glaciers and ice caps.

Now we begin to realise that while the earth does have enough water to suit every possible need and want that we have, the vast majority is unusable. So how do we use the water that we have available to us in a responsible way? Well we need to be water wise. This means we need to look after the way we use water.

Here are three ways in which one can save water at home, without having to go to any extreme lengths:

Number One – Use A Bucket To Wash The Car
Instead of washing the car with a hosepipe, use a bucket. This process may be a lot slower, but you will end up saving water. For instance, every minute that a hosepipe runs, fifteen litres of water will flow out of the tap. A bucket on the other hand only holds five litres and it allows you to not rush the rinsing process, ensuring the soap residue is completely rinsed off the vehicle.

Number Two – Make Dinner With A Bowl
Your food needs to be washed before you cook it. The washing process helps you remove all the chemicals from the food item and ensures that you do not ingest it. Instead of washing the meat and vegetables under running water, rather take a deep bowl, fill it with water and wash your food in the bowl. Not only will you use less water, but you can recycle that water into the garden, thus ensuring that you use less water in the garden.

Number Three – When Watering The Garden
Watering the garden is an unavoidable task. If we do not water the plants and lawn, it dies and costs an absolute fortune. For the maximum benefit when watering the garden, ensure that you either early in the morning or late at night. This will allow the water to sink into the garden and not simply be absorbed by the sun.

In conclusion, these are three ways in which you can become more water wise at home and it will not cost you anything extra. In fact it will help you save money and look after the environment. After all, we only have a small amount of water available for us, why waste it on washing cars or food.

I am Greg Jones, an environmentally friendly water dispenser user.  In my spare time away from the office, I love spending time in the sun or playing a famous game of cricket with the family. It all ends with a glass of water after the tricky and cheating is done, but the time you spend with your family is the most important time of your life.

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