What Are The Health Benefits Of Scuba Diving?

scuba-divingNot only is scuba diving a great way to explore underwater vistas that aren’t available to swimmers or snorkelers, there are many health benefits related to the practice as well.  The health benefits aren’t only physical, they are also mental.  So when you’re searching for Roatan diving resorts all inclusive packages, take extra satisfaction in that you’re not only taking a holiday, you’re also doing a favor for your body and mind.

A Full Body Workout

Water provides resistance to your muscles when working your way through the currents.  Using your arms to navigate and your legs to propel yourself, you give your entire body a workout.  And because of the buoyant effect of water you don’t have to worry about wear and tear like you would on land.  And don’t forget about climbing back into the boat with all that gear.  That’s definitely a workout in itself!  It’s found that you can burn over 200 calories per tankful of oxygen.

Easy Breathing

With the requirement of slow and deep breathing, scuba diving automatically relaxes your body and mind, regulates your respiration and ensures a steady flow of oxygen to the heart, lungs and muscles.  This controlled breathing also stimulates your lymphatic system and promotes the release of toxins.  When thought of in this manner, scuba diving is actually similar to meditating!


Your non-diving partner may be eyeing up the Roatan diving resorts all inclusive spa packages, but you’ll gain the same type of tranquility and mental relaxation from an hour or so underwater.  Escape from the noise and hustle and bustle of the beach by taking some time to visit with the local sea life.  You’ll be brought into the present, made to be mindful of your surroundings and experience at least as much relaxation as you would get from a yoga class.

Increased Metabolism

It’s a little known fact, but it’s been found that your metabolism gets raised for as long as 18 hours after your dive.  This apparently is a result of the buildup of nitrogen in your body.  Your metabolism increases to rid it from your system.  Now you have an excuse for that extra trip to the buffet!

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