Sealing The Deal With Wedding Suppliers-Getting Things Right

Apart from your vision, effort and money, a huge part of your wedding’s success has to do with the suppliers you pick since they’ll be the one who will provide the goods and services for your big day. They include caterers, florists, rental companies, chauffeurs and entertainers.

Of course, as with any other bride, you want to have the best for your wedding. Thus, it is only fitting that you find the right suppliers for the job that will give value to your money. To save yourself from getting into frustrating situations, check the tips below and be able to strike sweet deals with your wedding suppliers.

Mind the reputation

Before getting in touch with a particular supplier, be sure to do an extensive background check to know their reputation. Don’t just look at the products and services on their websites. Rather, score the net for testimonies from former clients. Or, to make the search easier, ask your newly wed friends or colleagues if they could recommend suppliers to you.

Ask for permit

Wedding suppliers should have a license to operate. So when dealing with a supplier, ask for a certified permit. While a license or permit will not guarantee an excellent supplier, it is one way to weed out inexperienced amateurs and a proof that the business is legally recognized.

Meet up

Do not go over the details of a product or service that you will commission over the phone or via email. Instead, meet up with the supplier personally. This will ensure that you’ll be able to raise your concerns to the supplier. This is also a way for you to know whom you should contact directly if any problem arises. Likewise, you can use the personal meeting as an opportunity to gauge the supplier’s professionalism, trustworthiness and ability to handle clients.

Additionally, in every meeting with the suppliers, be sure to jot down notes so that you will be able to track down everything that you’ve discussed. By the end of the meeting, review the notes with your supplier to ensure that you both agree on the details. Your notes will also serve as your future reference.

Be specific

Regardless if it is the gown, cake, reception menu or transportation, you need to be specific when describing the details. If possible provide suppliers with photos of your inspirations so that they will have a clear idea about what you truly want and if they can accomplish your expected output.

Keep copies of the paperwork

Whether it’s the proposal, discount agreement, or the official contract, be sure to keep copies of the documents. These will serve as your proof for all the things that you and the suppliers have agreed upon. You can also use these to protect yourself against the suppliers if they botched their job or if they don’t meet your expectations.

Provide sufficient lead time

When settling an agreement, give the suppliers sufficient amount of time so that they’ll be able to make the necessary changes or adjustments when needed. While most suppliers will set the time they need to complete a certain work, don’t hesitate to add a little more room to ensure that issues will be dealt with accordingly.

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