Secret Camera Gathers Evidence Of Elderly Relative Mistreatment

Mysterious bumps and bruises
A very worried client called to find out if we could help her and her elderly aunt get to the bottom of why her aunt was full of bruises and had a couple of large bumps on her head. Our client explained that her aunt had decided to go into care after her husband died a few years ago. The couple didn’t have any children of their own but were very good and enjoyed a family atmosphere with our client and her siblings. Our client’s aunt decided she would rather go into care than to be a burden on any of the children.

The best money can buy
As there were no children all the money could be spent on making our client’s aunt comfortable in her old age. Our client and her aunt spent a long time looking for just the right home for her with all the activities her aunt enjoyed and some others that she would enjoy learning as she was not disabled only a bit slow moving around now. The home was wonderful our client’s aunt was able to decorate her living area much the same as the home she had shared with her husband and with all the photos and pictures they had on their walls. Our client said it looked very similar to the house she left

All mod cons and creature comforts
The room was set up just as the aunt wanted with some special aids including an electronic bed and a nigh time alarm. There was a safe for her valuables and plenty of room for her china collections and other sentimental bit and bobs. She was really enjoying her new home and had made a lot of new friends.

Strange things started to happen
Our client said that her aunt called her early one weekday morning –very apologetic about the time but in a bit of a state. She had woken up freezing cold in bed with no clothes or covers on and the patio door wide open. She told her niece that her head was spinning almost like a hangover but she had had an early night with no alcohol she was also upset because some of her china was missing and some of her bit and bobs were smashed on the floor. Our client went to the home but now answers where given. Our client’s aunt did her own investigation and found that this had happened to other people at the home before.

Our client got us involved straight away. We had carried out some work for her before and had a good relationship. We decided to place a hidden camera in the room in the disguise of a radio clock alarm. This would show us if anything untoward happen at night when her aunt was asleep. It took another few months before the truth came out. One of the male carers let himself in her room at night after having administered her with a sleeping draft. He slipped the extra drug in when she was taking her bed time pills. She was out for the count by the time he entered the room again and stole money and jewellery and some of her china. Not content with robbing her he gave her a couple of punches and a kick that she would definitely feel in the morning.

The Outcome
With the evidence our client could produce the male carer was struck off and prosecuted by the home. As part of the homes new policy all residence were to have secret hidden cameras to check that they were being treated properly.

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