Selling Your Home: How To Make It Look More Appealing To Buyers

Lots of people are looking to buy homes everyday, and in theory it would seem any decent abode would sell relatively easily. But that really isn’t the case. Buyers are more discerning than ever; it is a huge decision. There may be some stiff competition in your area. So, while there is no guaranteed formula that will ensure a quick and easy sale for the max price, there are some ‘best practices’ if you will that tilt the odds in your favor. One such strategy is ‘staging’ your home to maximize appeal. If you have the big bucks, you can have a professional do it for you, and get all sorts of ‘fancy’ stuff like furniture rental. But there are lots of easy fixes that you can do yourself for free or for lower cost.

Clean With All Your Might

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is one of the most important things you can do. This is not just about things looking ‘presentable.’ This is about cleaning that house like your life depends on it. You have no idea how much nicer you can make your home look by paying attention to every nook and cranny, like the random smudges on the wall, or dirty baseboards.

Selling Your Home How To Make It Look More Appealing To Buyers


You want people to be able to picture themselves living in your home, and it is easier to accomplish this if the space is as neutral as possible. This means you may want to clear out your collection of cat figurines that don multiple surfaces throughout the home. You may love the lime green walls of your bathroom, but other people…not so much. If your carpeting is a wacky color, you might consider getting a more neutral shade or laying down new tile. If the master bedroom is particularly feminine or masculine, it is often recommended to redecorate in a more neutral style. Some of these tips may sound a bit time consuming or a bit more costly, but can make a big difference. Carefully view your home and see where there can be tweaks made to depersonalize it a bit.

Curb Appeal is Where It’s At

The outside of your home is the first impression and you want to make a good one. It is also important to keep in mind many people do drive-by’s of properties just to get a feel for the home, and if it isn’t looking good on the outside, they may not even bother to investigate further. The first thing you want to do is give the house, driveway and sidewalks a good power washing if it hasn’t been done recently. There is a lot of grime and dirt built up that you probably don’t even notice anymore, and stripping it down can make a world of difference. Add some color in the form of window box flowers, potted plants, or in the front yard. The door is a focal point so either spruce it up with a repainting or get a new one.

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