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With over a billion users, the vast majority of which are very active, Facebook has become a true social media giant, as well as an undisputed social media champion in all categories. On the other hand, search engine optimization has been a key player in the game of online success for a very long time now, so it is only natural to talk about these two entities together. Namely, as a business owner or any sort of Internet entrepreneur, you cannot afford to ignore either the social media or SEO. Furthermore, owing to the fact that Facebook is the embodiment of social media, this is probably where you should start and build your online presence thoroughly using Facebook and SEO.

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The Same Principal for Everybody
The best thing about using SEO on Facebook pages is the fact that the same principle is used regardless of how many Facebook fans you have or how long you have been in the business. The first thing you will need here is truly exceptional content, be it written content, images, or videos. The second thing you need is an active community on Facebook, as this is where all the traffic and success will come from. When you put these two ingredients together, you will end up with a dish called success.

How to Create Exceptional Content?
No matter what you do, you have to give your Facebook fans something to hold on to, something interesting, something appealing, and something well-worth their time. When you add SEO into this mix, you will get exactly what you need to attract your fans and engage them successfully. Using SEO on your Facebook pages will make sure that you are seen by search engines, notably Google, and this will attract even more people to what you do.

What Is an Active Facebook Community?
First of all, we have to clear something here – having many fans and having an active community are two totally different things. It is not that very difficult to get a lot of fans for your Facebook page, but you have to be aware of the fact that only a percentage of these fans will actually be active and make up your active Facebook community. Without an active community, all your fans will not mean very much. Namely, you need fans who will be interested in what you are posting on your wall, who will be reading and sharing your posts, commenting on them, acting on them, and so forth. Therefore, do not stop until you have come to the point where your fans are interested in your posts and they have become active fans.

The whole point of using SEO on Facebook pages is to attract as many people as possible to your brand, company, cause, or anything else you are doing. A Facebook page will also help you become more visible in search engine results, and this is where SEO will come into play. It will all come together as a wonderful puzzle, and you will be the one who is responsible for putting all the pieces exactly where they belong.

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