SEO Cheat Sheet For Real Estate Companies

Here is a list of SEO tips and tricks for all real estate website owners. Note that these tips are generic in nature and can work well for other websites as well.

Here We Go:

A. Ensure That All Pages Contain These Tags

Title tag – this is the most important tag; ensure that it contains the most important keyphrases (the long tail keyword) that give the page its unique title (for example a Boston rental page can be titled as : Call XXXXXXXXXX for affordable lease rentals in Boston |

H1, H2, tags – H1 is the tag attributed to the title of the content on the page; H2 is the tag that represents the sub-title

Bold, Strong tags – keywords and keyphrases in the content are given these tags so that search engines can latch on to them

Alt tags – search engines cannot read pictures and therefore alt tags are given to images so that the search engine knows what the image is all about

Description tag – describes what the web page is all about. You should write a description that hooks readers

Besides these tags, you must pay attention to the anchor tag

B. Some SEO Do’s and Don’ts

Keep page size at 150 kb (excluding images, CSS and attachments)

Do not upload more than 50-100 links per page

Keep title and description tags at 70 and 160 characters respectively.

Include plain English words in each URL (rather than junk characters)

Do not forget to upload a XML sitemap.

C. Search Engines Can Get Confused By…

Forms and Logins

Session IDs embedded in the URL

Page access that is restricted by cookies


Therefore, you must consult your programmer for best practices before you start developing your site.

D. Use The Following Tags In Your Robots.txt File

  • noindex – when you don’t want search engines to index the page
  • nofollow – when you don’t want search engines to follow the links on the page
  • noarchive – when you don’t want the search engine to cache the page
  • noodp – this commands stops overwriting of the description and title by DMOZ
  • noyDIR – this commands stops overwriting of the description and title by Yahoo Directory
  • nosnippet – stops Google from creating a description based on the page content

This cheat sheet contains basic tips and it will help you get your site programmed right. So, before you start creating your real estate website, show this SEO cheat sheet to your programmer and ask him if he’s capable of building in its instructions. Remember, these are basic SEO tips and if your programmer cannot follow these tips, then it’s time you got yourself another developer.

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Martin Corsovar is a blogger and internet marketer with a Minnesota real estate company called Great Minnesota Real Estate.

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