Seven Hardest Outdoor Events

Marathon Des Sables
This race will challenge the toughest marathon runners. It takes place in the Sahara Desert, and it is 150 miles long. This means that this race is nearly six times longer than the average marathon. In fact, it takes most people about six days to complete this race. The Moroccan sun makes this race even more difficult to complete. The runners share tents with each other, which gives one the opportunity to build friendships. However, there are a number of risks associated with running this race.

Siberian Black Ice Race
This race takes place in Siberia. It literally takes place on black ice. People who participate in this race will have to get across the black ice by ski, bike or kite. The distance can vary. The participants have the option of choosing from the marathon or ultra-marathon. This race is challenging, but the participants will get a ride back via the Trans-Experian Express.

The Great Wall of China Marathon
Have you ever been in a hurry and had to run up the stairs really quick? If so, then you probably know how exhausting it can be. Imagine how the people feel when they complete The Great Wall of China Marathon. There are a total of 5,164 steps in this marathon. Keep in mind these are not your ordinary steps. Some of them are waist high.

The Tour D’ Arique
If you know anything about the Tour D’ Arique that takes place in Africa, then you are probably not surprised to see it on this list. The Tour D’ Arique Africa is an extreme bike race that is 7,500 miles long. It will take a person who is in extremely good shape about four months to complete this race.

Run for Your Lives
This is a 5k race, so it is not as physically challenging as many of the other races that are on this list. However, this race is very mentally challenging. This race has people dressed up as clowns, zombies and other scary personas. They aim to scare the runners who are trying to get through the obstacle courses.

The runners must avoid the zombies. Each runner is given health flags, and the zombies try to take those flags. If a person loses all of his or her health flags, then he or she transforms into a zombie. This event takes place in the United States.

Tough Mudder
This event takes mud running to the extreme. Participants are required to get through an obstacle course that is anywhere from 10 to 12 miles long. The Tough Mudder will really push a person to the limit.

Valparasio Cerro Abajo
This race takes place in Chile. Participants are required to ride their bikes down an obstacle course. They are also required to make very high jumps. A cyclist who has been training for several years may still have trouble making it down this course.

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