Shopping For Cycling Accessories & Parts Online

There are many cycling shops to look at online and they are usually very competitive with one another in terms of pricing and being able to deliver your cycling accessories/parts to your home within 48 hours. However, there are some cycling shops that do offer niche, specialist cycling parts and accessories which are most definitely aimed towards the cycling enthusiasts that have specialist bikes and are in need of specialist cycling equipment.

 What Cycling Accessories are Available?

There are many different makes and types of cycling equipment to purchase, but what is right for you and in what circumstance I.e. winter, summer etc?

There are some very well known branded essential cycling equipment and accessories shown below:

  • Cycling Helmets – Recon, Trabec, Giro, SixSixOne, Lazer, Met Crossover, Skyline and Met Veleno, BBB Falcon, Stadivarius , Uvex etc.
  • Cycling Gloves – SealSkinz, SixSixOne, BBB and RSP.
  • Cycling Shorts – Funkier Active Lycra cycling shorts (both ladies and men’s)
  • Cycling Jackets – Funkier, Biemme and BBB.
  • Arm & Leg Warmers (especially needed in winter) – Santini, Funkier Winter, BBB, Shimano and SixSixOne.

All of the above makes of cycling accessories and equipment are extremely well made, safe and are extremely good value for money.

If you have just taken up cycling for the new year there a couple of things which are a must buy for the early wintery months of 2013. First up has to be some full fingered, wind resistant gloves as frozen hands are both uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. As well as these another good warmer at this time of year is a good base layer, these are great for keeping the heat in and will have toasty within a couple of minutes of climbing on your push iron!

What Cycling Parts are Available?

Cycling brake pads, brake callipers, brake discs and brake cables are elementary and depending on what you are using your bike for and how often you use your bike can determine the type of brakes that you need.

There are road bike brakes and mountain bike brakes available for those specific uses along with other parts and accessories available for certain uses, such as the type of tyres needed and the type of cycling controls needed.

If you are considering modifying your bike but are unsure of which parts are best to use remember specialist online bike part dealers (those who only deal in bikes and parts) are experts at what they do and will be able to advise you!

High on Bikes is a specialist online retailer of bike parts and accessories stocking everythign except the bike itself!

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